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Undergraduate Course in Jewelry Design

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Hakkında yorumlar Undergraduate Course in Jewelry Design - Kurumda - Milan - İtalya

  • Program tanımları
    Undergraduate Course in Jewelry Design
    Undergraduate Courses - Milan

    • Credits: 180
    • Attendance: Full-time
    • Language: English

    The Jewelry Designer is a multidisciplinary professional, who is able to combine goldsmith technical skills, design methodology and experimental research in the creation of ornaments that interact with the body.

    The Jewelry Designer has the talent to manage independently the making of a jewelry collection, dealing with the different aspects of the design process, from the concept phase to the prototyping and the production. This method of transforming an idea into tangible designs also involves the communication strategy and the creation of an atmosphere around the collection.

    Title – The First Level Academic Diploma is recognized by MIUR (Ministry for Education, University and Research) and equated with the Bachelor’s Degree issued by Universities.


    Context - The course embraces the complex scenario of contemporary jewelry field by opening a dialogue between two apparently distant realities: an intimate and experimental approach and a company-oriented design, both fundamental for future Jewelry Designers. 

    Methodology and structure - During the study program Students investigate the jewelry world and his various aspects, learning specifics about design, production techniques and materials.  

    Special attention is paid to the design methodology, which is declined with specific features according to the brief of each single course: contemporary jewelry, fashion jewelry and fine jewelry. 

    The goldsmith practice in the school laboratory is fundamental in the process of research and production. Students explore edges and potentialities of materials as well as techniques of making, which are necessary to understand the feasibility of a jewelry piece. 

    Students produce several collections along the three years. They are invited to present their work in international contests and have the chance to be part of workshops led by well-known designers. All the above experiences help them to create their portfolio for the beginning of their professional career.

    Graphic design and 3D computer modelling classes cover a relevant role in the study programme. Digital skills are the essential tools to communicate the projects and to take advantage of new technologies, specially in order to be up-to-date with the production methods.

    Careers - Jewelry Designer, Jewelry Technician, Independent Artist, Product Manager.


    I Year:
    • Style, History of Art and Costume
    • Design Methodology
    • Materials Typology 1
    • Technical Drawing
    • History of Design 1
    • Modeling Techniques 1
    • Graphic Design 1
    • Jewelry Design 1
    • Arts Semiotics
    • Theory of Perception and the Psychology of Form

    II Year:
    • Materials Typology 2
    • Drawing Techniques And Technologies
    • History Of Design 2
    • Modeling Techniques 2
    • Jewelry Design 2
    • Design
    • 3d Computer Model-Making Techniques
    • Design Management
    • Sociology Of Culture
    • History Of Fashion 1

    III Year:
    • Jewelry Design 3
    • 3d Rendering Technologies
    • Fashion Scenario
    • Phenomenology Of Contemporary Arts
    • History Of Contemporary Architecture
    • Jewelry Design 4

    About IED:

    The faculty comprises experts and professionals with the ability to teach applied skills and a constant stream of innovation. Each individual course is run in direct contact with and supported by companies operating in the fields in question.

    As a school with an international vocation, the Istituto Europeo di Design welcomes students with different nationalities and cultures to all its campuses. Some 2,000 foreign students – primarily from the Far East, Central and South America and Europe – enrol in its courses every year. To date, the IED has trained students from about 100 different countries.

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