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M.A. Program In Clinical Psychology

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Hakkında yorumlar M.A. Program In Clinical Psychology - Kurumda - Beşiktaş - İstanbul

  • Program tanımları

    The Master's degree program in Clinical Psychology is designed to prepare the student for a professional career in clinical psychology in applied settings as well as providing a basis for continued advanced studies. The program offers a thorough grounding in the theoretical underpinnings of psychopathology, psychotherapy and intensive individual assessment. The student also has various practical opportunities for the application of the theoretical material.

    This is a two-year program with the first year devoted to completing all of the course requirements, and the second year to preparation of a thesis based on original research and an internship experience (32 credit hours).

    First Semester     
    PSY 501     Advanced Research Methods I     
    PSY 511*     Modern Points of View in Psychology I     
    PSY 561     Psychopathology     
    PSY 567     Adanced Clinical Psychology     
    PSY 565     Clinical Assessment     
    PSY 503     Seminar in Ethics**     

    Second Semester              
    PSY 502     Advanced Research Methods II     
    PSY 562     Diagnostic Evaluation     
    PSY 564     Appr. to Indivudual Psy.     
    PSY --       Elective     
    PSY 503     Seminar in Ethics**     

    Third Semester     
    PSY 661     Supervision     
    PSY 690     Thesis     

    Forth Semester

    PSY 662     Supervision     
    PSY 690     Thesis     

    *Required for those who have not taken a course of similar content in their undergraduate studies.
    **PSY 503 may be opened either in the first or the second semester.

    Description Of The Courses (Graduate Programs)

    PSY 501 Advanced Research Methods I (İleri Araştırma Yöntemleri I)    (4+0+0) 4
    General survey of social science research techniques. Experimental and non-experimental research designs. Measurement theory, reliability and validity. Sampling theory and designs. Overview of statistical evaluation procedures.

    PSY 502 Advanced Research Methods II (İleri Araştırma Yöntemleri II)    (4+0+0) 4
    Data collection and scaling procedures. Multivariate analysis techniques; regression analysis, factor analysis and related procedures. Complex experimental procedures. The writing of research reports.

    PSY 503 Seminar in Ethics (Etik Semineri)     (1+0+0) 0
    Seminar on the ethical practice of psychology. Ethics of clinical practice, teaching, and psychological research.

    PSY 511 Modern Points of View in Psychology I (Psikolojide Çaðdaş Akımlar I)     (4+0+0) 4
    Historical development and present state of psychological theories and systems such as structuralism, functionalism, behaviorism, psychoanalysis, Gestalt and cognitive psychologies and information processing.

    PSY 512 Modern Points of View in Psychology II (Psikolojide Çaðdaş Akımlar II)    (4+0+0) 4
    A critical examination and general overview of the science of psychology, covering important theoretical issues and controversies such as behaviorism vs. humanism, nature-nurture issue.

    PSY 521 Advanced Cognitive Psychology (İleri Bilişsel Psikoloji)     (4+0+0) 4
    An in-depth analysis of advanced topics in human cognitive processes underlying perception, mental imagery, short- and long-term memory, language comprehension, decision making, problem solving and skilled performance, including both theory and basic experimental findings.

    PSY 523 Advanced Learning Theory (İleri Öğrenme Kuramları)    (4+0+0) 4
    A critical analysis of contemporary learning theories with special emphasis on recent developments in conditioning models.

    PSY 524 Psycholinguistics (Psikolinguistik)    (4+0+0) 4
    An examination of the psycholinguistic processes underlying the use of natural language, with emphasis
    on approaches to speech perception and production, as well as theories of acquisition.

    PSY 528 Memory (Bellek)     (4+0+0) 4
    An examination of historical and contemporary theoretical approaches in the field of memory; evaluation of empirical findings, including implications for memory related disorders.

    PSY 531 Advanced Developmental Psychology (İleri Gelişim Psikolojisi)     (4+0+0) 4
    An in-depth survey of classical and current issues in developmental psychology with reference to theory and empirical research.

    PSY 532 Cognitive Development (Bilişsel Gelişim)     (4+0+0) 4
    An overview of both classical and recent theories of cognitive development discussed in the light of empirical findings.

    PSY 534 Social and Personality Development (Kişilik ve Sosyal Gelişim)     (4+0+0) 4
    An overview of theory and research on topics relevant to social and personality development such as attachment, social cognition, self recognition, self development, socialization, and family and peer relations.

    PSY 541 Advanced Social Psychology I (İleri Sosyal Psikoloji I)     (4+0+0) 4
    A survey of the major fields of inquiry in social psychology such as attitudes, social exchange, conformity, social perception and attribution, the self, and moral socialization. Emphasis on critical review of social psychological theories and use of original sources.

    PSY 542 Advanced Social Psychology II (İleri Sosyal Psikoloji II)     (4+0+0) 4
    Review of current areas of research in social psychology such as interpersonal attraction, relationships, prosocial behavior, competition, aggression, and environmental influences on behavior. Writing of literature reviews.

    PSY 543 Culture and Behavior (Kültür ve Davranış)     (4+0+0) 4
    An in-depth examination of the cultural context of behavior and psychological processes; provides a critical appraisal of psychological theory and knowledge from a cultural and cross-cultural perspective.

    PSY 545 Group Dynamics (Grup Dinamiği)     (4+0+0) 4
    Advanced seminar on group processes, covering issues such as group decision making, process of exchange, status differences, as well as major conceptual developments in small group theory.

    PSY 548 Current Issues in Social Psychology (Sosyal Psikolojide Güncel Akımlar)    (4+0+0) 4
    An in-depth examination of current issues and controversies in the field of social psychology.

    PSY 561 Psychopathology (Psikopatoloji)     (4+0+0) 4
    An examination of the concept of psychological health and abnormality; dynamics of psychological disturbance caused by psychological and social factors; major and minor diagnostic categories and methods of intervention.

    PSY 562 Diagnostic Evaluation (Psikolojik Değerlendirme)     (4+0+0) 4
    An introduction to clinical assessment, the place of testing in clinical psychology and current trends. Specific practical focus on the testing of cognitive functioning (intelligence and perceptual-motor tests). Practice in administration of tests and writing reports.

    PSY 564 Approaches to Individual Psychotherapy(Bireysel Psikoterapiye Yaklaşımlar)     (3+0+2) 4
    Theoretical introduction to different approaches to individual psychotherapy including insight oriented behavioral and cognitive approaches. The course also deals with planning, guiding and termination of psychological intervention.

    PSY 565 Clinical Assessment (Klinik Değerlendirme)    (4+0+0) 4
    Theory of interviewing and observational, physiological and cognitive assessment as well as practical training in these techniques. Focus on developing interviewing skills with patients with a variety of different psychological problems.

    PSY 566 Approaches to Group Psychotherapy (Grup Psikoterapisine Yaklaşımlar)     (4+0+0) 4
    An opportunity to review different approaches to group intervention. Participation in the planning, conducting and evaluation of an actual group.

    PSY 567 Advanced Clinical Psychology (İleri Klinik Psikolojisi)     (4+0+0) 4
    A survey of theoretical paradigms currently being discussed in the field, an examination of the roles of the clinical psychologist, professional and ethical issues.

    PSY 568 Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (Bilişsel Davranışsal Terapi)     (4+0+0) 4
    An examination of therapeutic interventions in a wide range of adult clinical problems from anxiety and depression to addictive behaviors from a cognitive behavioral perspective.

    PSY 569 Child Psychopathology and Therapy (Çocuk Psikopatolojisi ve Terapisi)     (4+0+0) 4
    Introduction to key issues of child psychopathology and methods of psychotherapy. Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment methods of psychopathology based on theoretical and empirical findings.

    PSY 571 Psychobiology (Psikobioloji)     (4+0+0) 4
    A survey of the structural and functional characteristics of the brain, emphasizing the biological processes underlying psychological phenomena.

    PSY 572 Advanced Neuroscience (İleri Sinirbilim)     (4+0+0) 4
    A detailed analysis of topics in neuroscience related to the neuroanatomical and neurochemical foundations of psychological phenomena such as learning, memory and emotions.

    PSY 579 Graduate Seminar (Lisansüstü Seminer)     (0+1+0) 0
    The widening of students' perspectives and awareness of topics of interest to psychologists through seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers and graduate students.

    PSY 580-583 Special Topics in Clinical Psychology (Klinik Psikolojide Seçilmiş Konular)     (2+0+4) 4
    Readings and/or research on special topics in clinical psychology.

    PSY 584-587 Special Topics in Experimental Psychology (Deneysel Psikolojide Seçilmiş Konular)     (2+0+4) 4
    Readings and/or research on special topics in learning.

    PSY 588-591 Special Topics in Cognitive Psychology (Bilişsel Psikolojide Seçilmiş Konular)     (2+0+4) 4
    Readings and/or research on special topics in cognitive psychology.

    PSY 592-595 Special Topics in Developmental Psychology (Gelişim Psikolojisinde Seçilmiş Konular)     (2+0+4) 4
    Readings and/or research on special topics in developmental psychology.

    PSY 596-599 Special Topics in Social Psychology (Sosyal Psikolojide Seçilmiş Konular)     (4+0+0) 4
    Readings and/or research on special topics in social psychology.

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