Workshop OPC UA Theory and Practice

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Hakkında yorumlar Workshop OPC UA Theory and Practice - Kurumda - Barcelona - İspanya

  • Program tanımları
    OPC UA Theory and Practice.


    OPC Unified Architecture:

    OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is a platform independent standard through which various kinds of systems and devices can communicate by sending Messages between Clients and Servers over various types of networks.
    OPC Unified Architecture (UA) is the next generation OPC standard that provides a cohesive, secure and reliable cross platform framework to access real time, historical and events data.
    OPC UA defines a standard set of services that Servers may provide, and specifies to Clients what services set they should support.
    OPC UA can be mapped onto a variety of communication protocols and data can be encoded in various ways to trade off portability and efficiency.

    Training Overview:

    - Learn how OPC UA works behind the scenes
    - Understand OPC UA Security model and Information Modeling
    - Understand the benefits of OPC UA and how OPC components can be used to build efficient and flexible systems
    - Best practices at the implemantation of OPC UA applications


    Language: Englsih
    Place: Customer facilities


    27-28 November - OPC UA Theory and Practice - Barcelona
    11-12 December - OPC UA Theory and Practice - Dublin

    Professional Development Hours: 16 (8 hr/day)

    Target Audience:

    This workshop will be principally aimed at Control and Application Engineers, Integrators, Managers, Operation Managers, Software Developers, Plant Managers, Product Managers, Technologists, Technicians and managers responsible for the commissioning and day-to-day operation of automation and process control systems. It will also contain relevant information to managers and administrators responsible for the design of process control architectures, selection of technologies and software and the purchase of both hardware and software for these systems.


    Upon completing training, all participants will be able to understand how OPC UA works


    Thorough knowledge about OPC Technology obtained from daily use. Having attended previous OPC training.

    Learning Environment:

    The workshop will be made up of lectures and PowerPoint presentations. Virtual images will be provided for the hands-on exercises. Real Hardware will be used along the training.
    Students are welcome to discuss current connectivity issues they are faced with and learn from one another.

    Materials Included:

    • OPC UA Workshop Manual
    • Notepad and pens
    • USB with OPC tools, Servers and Clients
    • Certificate of Successful Completion

    Necessary Infrastructure:

    • Classroom to do the class
    • One computer for each assistant
    • 1 projector


    Day 1 and Day 2.

    Workshop Content

    Module 1.

    History of OPC, OPC Overview
    - Differences between OPC Classic and OPC UA
    - Differences between versions

    Module 2.

    OPC Unified Architecture
    Introduction to the technology and how it works
    - UA Stack - Connections
    - Nodes & Browsing
    - Data Types
    - Subscriptions
    - Profiles, Services and Views

    Module 3.

    OPC UA Administration
    Configuration, Commissioning and Troubleshooting
    - Compatibility
    - Certificates Handling and Security Administration
    - Discovery Server
    - Troubleshooting

    Module 4 .

    OPC UA Practical Training
    Training with several OPC UA Clients and Servers, Proxies and Wrappers
    - Unified Automation Client against Embedded Device Unified Automation
    - Client against Matrikon Server
    - Playing with Proxies and Wrappers

    Summary, Discussion

    Requirements for course completion:

    There is no specific requirements, ideal participant’s profile for our courses: Technical staff that participates in the design of architectures, Installation, configuration, maintenance and commissioning of automation projects for electrical substations and telecontrol systems.

    Specifically for the OPC UA * course: * theory and practice and the OPC course UA: theory, practice and application development, it is convenient to have previous experience about OPC technology acquired through daily use.

    In regards of aspects that stand out:

    - In all workshops different gifts are provided to participants
    - In Spain, Tripartite Foundation recognizes our workshops

    - Courses:
    OPC Technology and  Advanced Architecture Development
    OPC UA: Theory and Practice are certified by Matrikon

    - In all our workshops we provide a completion certificate
    - All workshops include practices with real hardware and simulation of issues that might occur in industrial plants today

    Cyber-Security for Industrial Environments and Critical Infrastructures:

    Training and advice on industrial cybersecurity at all levels of the organization: awareness, analysis, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of actions. This course is aimed at training on the protection of critical industrial systems and the application of security measures in PLC / SCADA / MES environments.

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