Who we are:

Vester Industrial Training Center (VITC) is part of the European and Central American Vester Business Group. It was created more than five years ago as an area dedicated to the training and specialization for engineers, integrators and system designers, with its main focus on the most used communication protocols in the industry, the design of SCADA systems, cyber-security in industrial environments and critical infrastructures and OPC UA programming.

What we do:

VITC aims to meet the training needs of automation and energy professionals, who face day to day challenges with industrial communication technology. We offer:

  • General workshops.
  • Private Onsite trainings, with customized syllabuses and schedules, adapted to our client’s needs.
  • Instructors training.
  • Agreements and endorsements with companies, universities, technological centers and institutions.
  • Post-course support service for participants.

Training and advice on industrial cybersecurity at all levels of the organization: awareness, analysis, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of actions. This course is aimed at training on the protection of critical industrial systems and the application of security measures in PLC / SCADA / MES environments.

Vester Industrial Training Center program geçmişi:

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