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  • Program tanımları
    This is the nation’s first joint program that involves many departments from Izmir Institute of Technology and Dokuz Eylül University Health Science Institute . It is required that each student has to be co-advised by faculty members from both institutions. There are plenty of courses to take from both instututes.

    In order to be admitted to this program, applicants must hold a masters degree from a related area or an MD degree. A thesis is required for the PhD degree. Continuous registration is required for all graduate students until the thesis is approved unless special permission from the Graduate School of Engineering and Sciences (IZTECH) and Health Science Institute (DEU) is obtained. The required course load is 21 credits for Ph. D. Mandatory courses are required for Ph. D. Degree. Minimum number of courses with credit is 7. Thesis (BENG 600, non-credit), Seminar (BENG 598, non-credit) and the qualification exam are required to take obtain Ph. D. Degree. An additional 3 credit course are required to take from elective mandatory course list.

    Students from engineering background are required to take one engineering coded elective course and 2 science coded elective courses from the elective course list. Students from science background are required to take one science coded elective course and 2 engineering coded elective courses from the elective course list.

    If students took the mandatory courses or their equivalent during their MSc, they could take elective courses according to their background.

    Scientific Preparation Program for Graduate Education in Bioengineering
    Students holding a MSc degree from other scientific disciplines maybe required to take one or more of the following courses (depending on their background) to become eligible for registration in bioengineering graduate program.

    DEU-HSI 513                         Introduction to Medical Sciences and Terminology (2-0-2)
    DEU-HSI 511                         Structure and Function of Human Body (2-0-2)
    DEU-HSI 507                         Basic Laboratory Principles and Techniques I (3-2-4)
    DEU-HSI 521                         Introduction to Cell (3-0-3)
    İYTE-FE 534                          Multivariate Stastistical Analysis for Engineers (3-0-3)
    İYTE-ME 221                         Statics (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 220                       Thermodynamics I (3-0-3)
    İYTE-ME 202                         Fluid Mechanics I (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHEM 205                    Organic Chemistry I (4-0-4)
    İYTE-CHE 330                       Mathematical Modeling in Engineering (3-0-3)

    *Students can be allowed to take necessary courses from other departments of the universities (DEU and IZTECH) with the permission of head of the bioengineering department.
    *During the scientific preparation program students can take graduate level courses to be counted for their Ph. D. Degree Requirements with the permission of research advisors.

    Mandatory courses
    BENG 505 Bioengineering (3-0-3)
    İYTE-MBG 507 Cell Biology (3-0-3)
    BENG 510 Physiology (3 -0-3)  
    BENG 598 Seminar (0-2) Non-credit
    BENG 600 Thesis (0-1) Non-credit

    Mandatory Elective Courses
    İYTE-CHEM 516 Advanced Biochemistry   (3-0-3)
    İYTE-ME 585 Biomechanics (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 549 Biotransport (3-0-3)
    İYTE-EE 530 Bioinstrumentation (3-0-3)
    İYTE-FE 510 Biomaterials (3-0-3)

    Elective Courses
    İYTE-MBG 506 Mammalian Cell Culture (3-0-3)
    İYTE-MBG 507 Cell Biology (3-0-3)
    İYTE-MBG 515 Immunology (3-0-3)
    İYTE-MBG 516 Molecular Biology and Cellular Regulation (3-0-3)
    İYTE-MBG 519 Physical Properties of Biological Macromolecules (3-0-3)
    İYTE-MBG 565 Advanced Virology (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CENG 581 Computer Applications in Medicine and Biology (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 505 Transport Phenomena I (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 508 Transport Phenomena II (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 514 Plastics Engineering (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 523 Biochemical Engineering I (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 526 Advanced Fluid Flow (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 531 Characterization and Processing of Particles (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 537 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 538 Environmental Exposure and Risk Assessment (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHE 548 Biochemical Engineering II (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHEM 502 Colloid Chemistry and Surface Science (3-0-3)     
    İYTE-CHEM 512 Interfacial Phenomena (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHEM 517 Mass Spectroscopy (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHEM 522 Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (3-0-3)
    İYTE-CHEM 535 Introduction to Crystallography   (2-2-3)    
    İYTE-CHEM 550 Analytical Applications of Nuclear and Radiochemical Methods (3-0-3)
    İYTE-FE 503      Advanced Food Microbiology (3-0-3)
    İYTE-FE 510 Biomaterials (3-0-3)
    İYTE-FE 527 Enzyme Engineering (3-0-3)
    İYTE-FE 531 Biological Systems Simulation and Modeling (3-0-3)
    İYTE-FE 536 Design of Experiments (3-0-3)
    İYTE-FE 538 Bioprocess Engineering Principles (3-0-3)
    İYTE-EE 502 Linear Systems Theory  (3-0-3)
    İYTE-EE 503 Mathematics for Operations Research and Optimization (3-0-3)
    İYTE-EE 531 Probability and Random Processes (3-0-3)
    İYTE-EE 532 Stochastic Analysis and Estimation for Dynamical Systems (3-0-3)
    İYTE-EE 533 Digital Signal Processing (3-0-3)
    İYTE-EE 534 Advanced Digital Signal Processing (3-0-3)
    İYTE-EE 538 Detection and Estimation Theory (3-0-3)
    İYTE-ME 513 Advanced Composite Techniques (3-0-3)
    İYTE-ME 517 Advanced Ceramics (2-2-3)
    İYTE-ME 570 Computational Intelligence (3-0-3)
    İYTE-ME 563 Theory of Elasticity (3-0-3)
    İYTE-ME 574 Principles of Robotics (3-0-3)
    İYTE-ME 590 Analytical Methods in Engineering (3-0-3)
    İYTE-PHYS 502 Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Solids (3-0-3)
    İYTE-PHYS 525 Surface Physics (3-0-3)
    İYTE-PHYS 548 Thin Film Technology (3-0-3)
    İYTE-PHYS 562 Atomic and Molecular Spectra (3-0-3)
    İYTE-PHYS 574 Surface Analysis Techniques (3-0-3)
    İYTE-PHYS 576 Principles of Coating Technology (3-0-3)
    DEU-HSI 503 Medical Ethics (2-2-3)
    DEU-HSI 515 Basic Separation and Assay Methods of Biomolecules (3-3-4.5)
    DEU-HSI 607 Planning,   Applying and Evaluating Experimental Research (4-0-4)
    DEU-BIO 610 Biochemistry of Extracellular Matrix (2-0-2)
    DEU-BIP 607 Systems Theory of the Brain I (2-2-3)
    DEU-BIP 602 Systems Theory of the Brain II (2-2-3)
    DEU-BIP 603 Biophysics (2-0-2)
    DEU-BIP 618 Neurobiology and Cognition (1-2-2)
    DEU-MIF 505 Introduction to Database Design (3-2-4)
    DEU-PHAR 505 Introduction to Autonomic Nervous System   (2-0-2)

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