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Türk Dili ve Edebiyatı Doktora Programı

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Hakkında yorumlar Türk Dili ve Edebiyatı Doktora Programı - Kurumda - Beşiktaş - İstanbul

  • Program tanımları

    The purpose of the PhD program is to train students for teaching and research positions. The program offers specialization in two different areas: Old Turkish Literature or Modern Turkish Literature. All students will receive the same Doctorate degree in Turkish Language and Literature.

    Students who have successfully completed a Master's program in Turkish Language and Literature or in a related field are eligible for the PhD program in Turkish Language and Literature. The requirements for this degree consist of a minimum of 25 credit hours of course work in the first three semesters, a qualifying examination, and a dissertation in Turkish in the third and fourth years. In the program there are seven specialization electives which may be chosen from one of the two specialization areas. To be able to write a dissertation in one of the two specialization areas, a minimum of 16 credits should be completed from the specialization electives of that particular area. A minimum of eight credits will be completed with courses conducted in English.

     With the consent of the advisor a maximum of 12 credits may be taken from other graduate programs in related departments such as History, Western Languages and Literatures, Philosophy,  Sociology or Translation and Interpreting.

    First Semester                                               

    Specialization Elective                                  
    Specialization Elective                                
    Sp. Elective  / Elective                                

    Second Semester                                                                              

    Second Year

    Specialization Elective   
    Specialization Elective   
    Sp. Elective /  Elective      

    First Semester

    Sp. Elective / Elective         

    Third year and Fourth year

    TKL 790  Dissertation


    TKL 601  Concepts and Motifs in Old Turkish Literature              (4+0+0) 4
    (Eski Türk Edebiyatında Kavramlar ve Motifler)
    Analysis of the themes, concepts, motifs and heroic figures which feed old Turkish literature from the mythological era on.

    TKL 602  Representations in Old Turkish Literature                       (4+0+0) 4
    (Eski Türk Edebiyatında Betimlemeler)
    Study of representations of nature, man, geographical regions, wars in old Turkish literature.

    TKL 603  Allegory and Allegorical Works            (4+0+0) 4
    (Alegori ve Alegorik Eserler)
    Description of the variations of allegory as a literary mode, its themes and the allegorical readings with reference to the works with allegorical features such as Kelile ve Dimne,  Harname, Şem ü  Pervane, and Hüsn ü Aşk.

    TKL 604  Transition from Oral to Written Literature           (4+0+0) 4
    (Sözlü Edebiyattan Yazılı Edebiyata Geçiş)
    Study of the formal and thematic features of the epics of the pre-islamic era and the first oral products of this tradition in Anatolia (Oğuzname, Dede Korkut, Battalname, Saltukname, Danişmendname).

    TKL 605  Comparative Studies on Translated Texts            (4+0+0) 4
    (Çeviri Eserler Üzerine Karşılaştırmalı Çalışmalar)
    Evaluation of the translation attempts from the period of Anatolian principalities to the westernization era in the nineteenth century and comparative treatment of source and target texts with reference to translational norms.

    TKL 606  Themes and Style in Masnavis                (4+0+0) 4
    (Mesnevilerde İzlekler ve Biçem)
    Definition of the common structural and thematic features of masnavis  with emphasis on the differences between the works to be examined.

    TKL 607  Content and Structure of Divans                  (4+0+0) 4
    (İçeriği ve Yapısı Bakımından Divanlar)
    Definition of the common features and patterns of divans in terms of structure and content, and analysis of the differences between the texts selected.

    TKL 608  Enumeration by Letters and Chronograms      (4+0+0) 4
    (Ebced Hesabı ve Tarih Düşürme)
    Study of the  different techniques of chronograms composed to designate the date of  the construction of buildings and to mark occasions such as victories, conquests, births and deaths.

    TKL 611  Social Life in Divan Literature             (4+0+0) 4
    (Divan Edebiyatında Sosyal Yaşam)
    Starting from the Anatolian principalities era up to the nineteenth century, the study of literary works which reflect the social life, customs and traditions, political events, beliefs of society.

    TKL 612  The Concept of Love inDivan  Poetry             (4+0+0) 4
    (Divan Şiirinde Aşk Anlayışı)
    Analytical approach to the literary symbols and figures of speech of the concepts of love, the beloved and the lover (both material and divine).

    TKL 613  Poet Sultans in Divan Literature             (4+0+0) 4
    (Divan Edebiyatında Padişah/Sultan Şairler)
    Critical approach to the works of poet sultans with a view to analyzing their achievement as poets.

    TKL 614  Woman Poets in Divan Literature           (4+0+0) 4
    (Divan Edebiyatında Kadın Şairler)
    Examination of the works of woman poets, starting from Mihri Hatun.

    TKL 615  Text and Miniature in Divan Literature           (4+0+0) 4
    (Divan Edebiyatında Metin ve Minyatür)
    Comparative treatment of the texts of old Turkish literature and miniatures with  emphasis on  thematic integrity.

    TKL 616  The Sebk-i Hindî  in Divan Poetry                (4+0+0) 4
    (Divan Şiirinde Sebk-i Hindî)
    Development of theSebk-i Hindî  in Divan poetry as of the seventeenth century under the influence of Persian and Indian literatures and its major representatives.

    TKL 617  Commentary Tradition in Divan  Literature       (4+0+0) 4
    (Divan Edebiyatında Şerh (Açımlama) Geleneği)
    Commentary tradition and a comparative study of Turkish commentaries on the masterpieces such as Masnavi, The Divan  of Hafız,and Tuhfe-i Şahidi.

    TKL 621  Collections and Anthologies         (4+0+0)4 (Mecmualar ve Antolojiler)
    Study of collections and anthologies composed of poems, pastiche as well as treatises on various topics, informative writings and private letters.

    TKL 622 Prose Narrative Techniques                (4+0+0)4
    (Mensur Anlatı Teknikleri)
    Comparative study of old Turkish prose works in terms of the characteristics of the narrative techniques with focus on the different stages of their development.

    TKL 623  Stories in Prose                        (4+0+0) 4
    (Mensur Hikâyeler)
    Critical evaluation of legendary, religious, mystic, epic and didactic stories in prose in relation to their sources, themes, motifs and narrative features.

    TKL 624  Verse and Prose Histories of the Ottoman Dynasty             (4+0+0) 4
    (Osmanoğullarının Manzum ve Mensur Tarihleri)
    Study of the narrative forms in the histories of the Ottoman Dynasty (Tevarih-i Al-i  Osman ) and the official histories.

    TKL 631  Philosophical Poetry                               (4+0+0) 4
    (Hikemî Şiir)
    Beginning with Ahmed Yesevi the rise and development of philosophical poetry and the study of the representative works in this tradition.

    TKL 632  Religious and Mystical Works       (4+0+0) 4
    (Dinî-Tasavvufî Eserler)
    Study of religious and mystical works in verse (tevhid, münacaat, naat, miraciye, ilahi, nefes, devriye, nutuk, mesnevi)  and in prose ( tefsir, fıkıh, kelam, hadis, akaid, siyer, maktel, hilye,  tezkiretü'l enbiya,  mystical tracts and  hagiology).

    TKL 641  Gazavatnames                      (4+0+0) 4
    Examination of the heroic tales in verse and prose also known as zafername  or  fetihname.

    TKL 642  Surnames                  (4+0+0) 4
    Study of the works both in verse and in prose relating the wedding ceremonies of the princesses, the circumcision feasts and the festivities organized on the occasion of the birth of Sultan's offspring with respect to customs, traditions, documentary information and narrative characteristics they imply.

    TKL 643  Travel Accounts and Reports of Diplomatic Missions                 (4+0+0) 4
    (Seyahatnameler ve Sefaretnameler)
    Study of the written reports of Ottoman diplomatic missions (sefaretnames ) in Austria, Persia, Russia, France, Poland, England, India, Spain, Morocco as well as of travel accounts (seyahatnames ) beginning with Evliya Çelebi, from the seventeenth century on.

    TKL 644  Velayetnames  and Menakıpnames                    (4+0+0) 4
    (Velayetname ve Menakıpnameler)
    Study of the works written on the saints and the leaders of religious orders in terms of content, narrative forms, and mystical elements.

    TKL 645  Biographies, Bibliographies and Tezkires                 (4+0+0) 4
    (Biyorafiler, Bibliyografiler ve Tezkireler)
    Study of the works containing information on the writers, poets, artists and scholars as well as the prominent statesmen and religious leaders of society with specific reference to the development of the genre.  

    TKL 680-686  Special Topics in Old Turkish Literature                            (4+0+0) 4
    (Eski Türk Edebiyatında Özel Konular)
    Study of a selected topic or text in Old Turkish Literature in terms of both textual analysis and bibliography.

    Required Course:

    TKL 790 Dissertation (Tez)                                                                                                                                         
    Dissertation in Turkish on a particular text or a theme in old Turkish literature.

    Specialization Electives in Modern Turkish Literature:

    TKL 651  Tanzimat Poetry                                           (4+0+0) 4
    (Tanzimat Şiiri)
    Study of the poetry of the Tanzimat period in which Turkish poems in the western tradition emerged, with particular emphasis on Ziya Paşa, Namık Kemal and Abdülhak Hamit's poetry and the novelties they brought to Turkish literature.

    TKL 652  Tanzimat Theatre                 (4+0+0) 4
    (Tanzimat Tiyatrosu)
    Textual study of the first 'western style' plays in Turkish literature according to their themes and techniques and a comparison with traditional Ottoman visual arts to emphasize literary novelties introduced by these plays.

    TKL 653  First Modern Woman Writers                      (4+0+0)4
    (İlk Çağdaş Kadın Yazarlar)
    Study of the first woman writers of Turkish Literature and their works from 1850 to 1950.

    TKL 654  Political Works by Tanzimat Writers             (4+0+0) 4
    (Tanzimat Yazarlarının Siyasi Eserleri)
    Study of the newspaper articles of the Tanzimat poets and writers who shaped almost the whole intellectual opinion, with emphasis on the works like Ziya Paşa's Zafer-name  which criticizes the 'sadrazam' and Namık Kemal's Renan Müdafaa-namesi  which defends Islam.
    TKL 655  Literary Criticism in the Servet-i Fünun Period                 (4+0+0) 4
    (Servet-i Fünun Döneminde Edebi Eleştiri)
    Study of the Servet-i Fünun period in which the first 'western style' texts on criticism were produced in Turkish literature.

    TKL 656  Molière Translations and Adaptations          (4+0+0) 4
    (Molière Çevirileri ve Adaptasyonları)
    Study of the translations and adaptations of the plays of Molière, who influenced Turkish playwrights the most, especially the first fifty years of Turkish theatre history.

    TKL 657  Translated Novels from the Tanzimat to the Republic           (4+0+0)4
    (Tanzimattan Cumhuriyete Çeviri Romanlar)
    Study of the novels translated from western languages into Turkish from the period of the Tanzimat to the establishment of the Republic and playing an important role in the evolution of the Turkish novel. Emphasis on the narrative and translation techniques, and comparisons between the original text and the translation.

    TKL 661  Leading Writers of the Modern Period I        (4+0+0) 4

    (Çağdaş Dönemin Önde Gelen Yazarları I)
    Study of the most eminent writers of Modern Turkish literature with in depth analysis of their works.  

    TKL 662  Leading Writers of the Modern Period II          (4+0+0) 4

    (Çağdaş Dönemin Önde Gelen Yazarları II)
    Study of the most eminent writers of Modern Turkish literature with in depth analysis of their works.  

    TKL 663  The Plays of Musahipzade Celal                    (4+0+0) 4
    (Musahipzade Celal'in Oyunları)
    Study of the works of Musahipzade Celal, the most important playwright in the early years of the republican period.

    TKL 664  Woman Writers after 1950         (4+0+0) 4
    (1950 Sonrası Kadın Yazarlar)
    Textual analysis of the novels and short stories of woman writers after 1950.

    TKL 671  Modern Literary Theories                 (4+0+0) 4
    (Çağdaş Edebiyat Kuramları)
    Study of the twentieth century literary theories ranging from structuralism to post-modernism; comparative analysis of the literary and aesthetic concepts of Turkish literature.

    TKL 672  Narrative Techniques in the Contemporary Turkish Novel          (4+0+0) 4
    (Çağdaş Türk Romanında Anlatı Teknikleri)
    Study of the novels of major contemporary Turkish novelists whose narrative techniques are compared to western narrative techniques.

    TKL 673  Literary Disputes in Modern Turkish Literature          (4+0+0) 4
    (Çağdaş Türk Edebiyatında Edebi Kavgalar)
    Study of literary disputes which mostly revolved around the old and new, east and west dichotomies from Tanzimat to our age with special emphasis on the disputes of the Tanzimat period as first samples of western style criticism.

    TKL 674  Turkish Theatre after 1970     (4+0+0)4
    (1970 sonrası Türk Tiyatrosu)
    Study of the works of the most prominent contemporary playwrights.

    TKL 675  Contemporary Turkish Poetry        (4+0+0) 4
    (Çağdaş Türk Şiiri)
    Study of the poems of contemporary prominent poets.

    TKL 676  Memoirs in Modern Turkish Literature           (4+0+0) 4
    (Modern Türk Edebiyatında Hatıralar)
    Study of literary people's memoirs with literary value; comparative study between memoirs and literary works. 

    TKL 677  The Essay                    (4+0+0) 4
    Study of essays, focusing on a period or on one or more essayists.

    TKL 678  Literary Journals                (4+0+0) 4
    (Edebiyat Dergileri)
    Thematic study of literary journals, especially those which influenced the history of Turkish literature (such as Servet-i Fünunand Varlık). Emphasis on Tanzimat and Servet-i Fünun periods when the journals became literary centres.

    TKL 687-693  Special Topics in Modern Turkish Literature            (4+0+0) 4
    (Çağdaş Türk Edebiyatında Özel Konular)
    Study of a selected topic or text in Modern Turkish Literature in terms of both textual analysis and bibliography.

    Required Course:

    TKL 790  Dissertation                                                                                                                                                   

    Dissertation in Turkish on a particular text or a theme in Modern Turkish Literature.

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