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Sosyal Psikoloji Doktora Programı

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Hakkında yorumlar Sosyal Psikoloji Doktora Programı - Kurumda - Çankaya - Ankara

  • Program tanımları

    The graduate program is designed to provide the students with advanced theoretical, empirical and methodological knowledge in Social Psychology and to give them opportunities to apply this knowledge to their specialization areas. Students equipped with the advanced knowledge and skills of their fields of specialization would be expected to either proceed to an academic career or to work in the field as practitioners or researchers.

    Fields of Study :
    Research topics in Social Psychology are; interpersonal relationships; marriage and family; friendship; adult attachment; developmental social cognition; groups; psychology of gender; development of a psychological model of balanced differentiation-integration; social representations; values, attitudes and beliefs; social psychology of the elderly; assessment of home environments; person-environment transactions; assessment of traffic and driving related behaviors and attitudes; human response to uncontrollable events (hazards).


    İmamoğlu, Olcay: B.S., METU; M.A., University of Iowa; Ph.D., University of Strathclyde.
    Relationships between Family Contexts and Self-Construals and Psychological Functioning across and within Cultures, the Balanced Integration-Differentiation (BID) Model, Gender and Marital Satisfaction, Social Psychology of Older Adults
    Sümer, Nebi: B.S., METU; M.A., Hacettepe University; Ph.D., Kansas State University.
    Attachment Styles in Adolescence and Adults, Parenting, Self-Concept, Self-Esteem, Traffic Psychology, Multivariate Statistics

    Öner Özkan, Bengi: B.S., METU; M.S., London School of Economics; Ph.D., University College London.
    Social Representations, Representations of Innovations, in particular; Cross-Cultural Study of the Effect of Context on Adaptation-Innovation
    Sakallı Uğurlu, Nuray: B.S., Ankara University; M.S., Ball State University; Ph.D., University of Kansas.
    Women's Issues, Sexism, Violence within Family, Social Influence, Attitudes and Attitude Change, Stereotyping and Prejudice


    Required Courses

    PSY 699 Ph. D. Dissertation NC
    PSY 800- 900 Special Topics NC
    PSY 510 Advanced Design and Statistical Procedures in Assessment of Psychology Change
    (or an equivalent course approved by the department)

    Elective Courses

    Students are required to take at least 6 electives, approved by the Department, subject to the restriction that during their graduate education (including the Master's level) they need to take (or have taken) at least one elective each of the sub-areas below. The list may be subject to modification by the Department.

    Sub-Area 1

    PSY 553 Historical Overview of Advances in Social Psychology
    PSY 554 Recent Advances and Problems in Social Psychology

    Sub-Area 2

    PSY 555 Social Cognition and Affect
    PSY 653 Social Representations
    PSY 659 Psychology of the Self

    Sub-Area 3

    PSY 651 Attitudes and Attitude Change
    PSY 652 Attitude Measurement and Scale Development

    Sub-Area 4

    PSY 552 Groups
    PSY 655 Intro-group Processes
    PSY 656 Inter-group Relations

    Sub-Area 5

    PSY 558 Interpersonal Relationships
    PSY 562 Psychology of Close Relationships
    PSY 658 Relationships with Parents And Peers
    PSY 657 Family Processes Through Time and Cultural Contexts

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