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Okul Öncesi Eğitim Yüksek Lisans Programı

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  • Program tanımları


    M.S. in Early Childhood Education is a new program that is offered for three years. The mission of the program is to prepare reflective, caring, and highly skilled educational practitioners and scholars who lead in the field of early childhood education. The program aims to help the students become experts in working with young children by reaching to a deeper understanding of how children learn and develop, and be able to set up and maintain the optimum early childhood environment guided with best practices for the health and welfare of young children. Graduates equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills can work in the field as practitioners or pursue an academic career. The applicants should have a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development and Education, Child Development and Health programs or related programs of School of Education. Students who do not have a Bachelors Degree in one of these programs should take introductory courses for two semesters. Interviews are required during the admission process when possible.

    Fields of Study:
    Parent Involvement, Classroom Management and Discipline, Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education, Infants and Toddlers


    Erdiller- Akin, Zeynep B. (METU, Early Childhood Education): B.A., Hacettepe University; Ph.D., Indiana University.
    Teacher Beliefs and Practices, Parent Involvement and Parent Child Relations, Infants and Toddlers, Early Childhood Curriculum

    Erden, Feyza (METU, Early Childhood Education): B.A., M.S., METU; Ph.D., Florida State University.
    Discipline and Classroom Management, Early Childhood Curriculum, Gender Equity in Education, Play in Early Childhood

    Yilmaz, Özgül (METU, Elementary Science Education): B.S., M.S., METU; Ph.D., Indiana University.
    Teacher Education, Science Education, Misconceptions

    Sungur, Semra (METU, Elementary Science Education): B.S., M.S., Ph.D., METU.
    Problem-Based Learning, Self-Regulation, Conceptual Change Approach, Misconceptions

    Atay-Turhan, Tülay (METU, Early Childhood Education): B.S., M.S., Hacettepe University; Ph.D., Florida State University.
    Language and Literacy Development, Peer Relationships, Play

    Required Courses

    ECE 501 Historical and Theoretical Bases of Early Childhood Education
    ECE 503 Advanced Child Theory
    EDS 502 or SSME 520 Research Methods in Education or
    ESME 509 Educational Inquiry
    EDS 504 or SSME 503 Educational Statistics or
    ESME 506 Quantitative Data Analysis in Education
    ECE 500 Seminar in Early Childhood Education NC
    ECE 599 Master's Thesis NC

    Elective Courses

    ECE 502 Organization and Administration of Early Childhood Programs
    ECE 519 Parent-Teacher-Child Relationships
    ECE 523 Techniques of Classroom Management
    ECE 542 Early Childhood Cognitive Development
    ECE 544 Early Childhood Social and Moral Development
    ECE 552 Early Childhood Language Arts
    ECE 553 Infants and Toddlers
    ECE 554 Observing Young Children

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