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Master in Food and Beverage Management

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Hakkında yorumlar Master in Food and Beverage Management - Kurumda - Roma - İtalya

  • Program tanımları
    Master in Food and Beverage Management.

    The Master offers you a training of excellence, international internships, career service, global networking and many others benefits for your professional and personal development. Various teaching formulas are available to suit every requirement; students from more than 140 countries of the world.

    • Duration: 12 months
    • Language: English
    • Formula: In Rome or Online


    The Rome Business School’s Master in Food and Beverage Management is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful global career in the Food & Wine industry.With the Rome Business School’s international perspective, the programme offers a unique learning experience and a global professional exposure, enabling participants to study in one of the best cities of the world or online. The programme’s quality teaching and networking services all contribute to make it the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to rise to the top in the world of food and beverage industry.

    Target Recipients.

    The Master in Food and Beverage Management is a course of excellence designed for young persons who wish to start a career in the Food & Wine industry, and to professionals in the food & beverage production chain and restauration industries —or in other sectors closely linked to them—who aspire to set out on a path to grow within their organisation, to start up an enterprise in an opportunity rich but ever more complex context, and/or to complete their training path by obtaining a certification specifically conceived for the food and beverage industry. On completion of this training course, the attendees will be able to work, among other profiles, as:

    • Consultants for the creation of start-ups within the restauration industry
    • Consultants for corporate repositioning
    • Food & Wine Managers
    • Banqueting Managers
    • Hotel chain Retail & Sales Managers
    • Public Relations Managers

    Structure (duration – 1 year).

    • Six months of lectures
    • Six months dedicated to international internships and project work
    • Visits at international companies and organizations
    • Integrative cultural programme
    • Seminars and events 

    Modes of attendance.

    This Master course can be attended in English, either on campus or by distance learning, in Part-Time formula (2 three hours lectures per week).


    Introduction and Scenario.

    • The Food and Beverage and Agri-Food System
    Food and Beverage Industry Management.

    • Basics of management: elements of corporate strategy and organisation
    • Economics and food company management
    • Marketing management and digital marketing
    • Accountancy and management control
    • Basics of Project Management
    • Business Planning
    • Human Resource Management
    • From the concept to the project: defining a project’s guidelines through the creation of the Concept
    • Geomarketing analysis
    • Aesthetic and functional design: identifying structural needs/required spaces and their distribution / defining a layout
    • Administrative requirements to set up a business / verifying the suitability of a location
    • Job Health and Safety: regulations and documents
    Food Management.

    • Retail & sales management
    • Supplier selection
    • Food cost control
    • Menu engineering
    • Restaurant and Kitchen layout
    • Practice Lab: visits to producers
    Beverage Management.

    • Retail & sales management
    • Supplier selection
    • Beverage cost control
    • Wine and beverage list engineering
    • Wine cellar layout
    • Practice Lab: visits to producers
    Marketing and Communication for Food and Beverage.

    • Food and Beverage industry marketing
    • Restauration services marketing
    • Digital marketing
    • Brand management – Image and Brand Identity
    • Food, Wine, and Mass Media – communication tools (food guides, industry publications/websites, newsletters)
    • Storytelling applied to Food & Wine products and services
    • Content management
    • Social media management for the Food and Beverage industry
    • Food & Wine audio-visual communication
    • Customer care
    • Food and Beverage events and the role of Public Relations
    • Case studies
    • Agri-food product marketing and brand management
    • Wine marketing and brand management
    • Marketing strategies applied to industry contents: case histories and testimonials
    Food and Beverage industry innovation and strategies.

    • Internationalisation strategies
    • New technologies: from production chain to service
    • Launching a start-up in the Food and Beverage industry
    Extracurricular activities.

    As part of the course, a Cooking Teambuilding and/or Gastronomic Walking Tour event is organised in Rome’s Old Town to understand the cultural context within which the various made in Italy Food and Beverage service and restauration of excellence activities insert themselves, with the aim of understanding its various formats and business models.
    Career Services.

    Attending this Master’s Degree course entitles to:

    • International internships at leading companies and organizations;
    • The inclusion of your CV in the Rome Business School’s database and its distribution to businesses, organizations and headhunters belonging to the Rome Business School’s international network;
    • A free CV review;
    • Support in the management of job interviews;
    • Networking meetings with international managers, professionals and business owners;
    • A personalized search and flagging service for the best job opportunities in Italy and abroad.

    Learning Objectives.

    On completing the programme, participants will be able to:

    • Identify and develop effective managerial strategies for food & beverage industry companies
    • Develop a business plan for food & beverage industry companies
    • Utilise the most advanced marketing techniques to promote food & beverage industry companies and products
    • Apply planning, financial management, and management control principles to the food & beverage industry
    • Understand and utilise project management techniques
    • Understand and apply process and supply techniques to the food & beverage context
    • Master the use of new technologies within food & beverage industry companies
    • Understand the food & beverage industry start-up ecosystem


    World Class Teachers.

    The Master’s Degree course faculty is made up of highly selected international university professors, trainers and business managers, drawn from a variety of operational and professional fields and thus able to bring to the table a rich array of up-to-date experiences and competencies. The teaching approach is aimed at the acquisition of know-how, thus at transferring competencies truly useful for the attendees’ professional development.


    Rome Business School’s Master in Food and Beverage Management is accredited by VIU – Universidad Internacional de Valencia. At the completion of the course you will therefore be awarded with a double certification: a diploma from Rome Business School and one from VIU, with 60 internationally recognized university credits (60 ECTS).


    For both the on-campus and the distance-learning courses, attendees can always count on the assistance of a tutor for any clarifications they may require, for the completion of the tests and exercises required by each module and for the final project.

    Learning Materials.

    Students registered for the Master’s Degree course will be issued with a wealth of learning materials, including slides, textbooks, case studies, articles, videos, and useful internet links.

    Registering In The Rome Business School’s Alumni Association.

    Attendance in the Master’s Degree course entitles to become part of the Rome Business School’s Alumni Association, the international network through which students of the Rome Business School can share ideas, experiences, and projects. Many facilitations are also available for attending further training courses.


    The Rome Business School prizes intercultural exchange as a source of personal and professional development. Students from 5 continents regularly attend its courses.

    Entry requirements.

    All applicants must have a three-year degree (or be near completion). Those with relevant professional qualifications or extensive professional experience will also be considered. Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency during an interview. For both the on-campus and distance learning options and in order to ensure a high-quality training course, classes can consist of a maximum of 15 attendees.

    Admission’s Process.

    Submit your application, attaching your CV and your motivational letter in English.

    The Rome Business School recruitment team will evaluate your request and will contact you if further documents are required. The complete applications will be examined by the academic selection committee. All candidates deemed suitable by the selection committee will support an interview with one of our specialists. The interview can take place in presence or remotely via Skype. Within 2 days of the interview, we will send you an email reply indicating the result of the application and the information necessary to complete the registration. In case of a negative outcome, you will still receive an official communication.

    The deadline for international students is 45 days from the beginning of the course and for EU students it is 15 days from the beginning of the course. Applications will be evaluated according to the order of the submission date.


    For each teaching formula, partial scholarships are available to cover part of the tuition fee. Scholarships will be assigned based on the personal, experiential and technical-motivational profile of the candidates.


    The payment of the participation fee is installable. In the case of payment of the participation fee in a single solution, the student will benefit from a 10% discount.


    Why Us.

    An excellent training offer, developed through the careful analysis of the best international experiences, to guarantee you a competitive advantage in the market.

    A modern training offer: we provide courses on the most advanced managerial trends and techniques, such as intercultural management and business oriented social media usage.

    Highly qualified teachers: all Rome Business School teachers are university lecturers, trainers and managers carefully selected based upon their proven professionalism and experience , capable of transferring to the students both a well defined conceptual framework and valuable references to concrete professional practices.

    Career-service:  a set of personalized services designed to help our students to access or develop in the job market (internship opportunities, a CV review, inclusion in our database, job interview management support, networking with companies, managers and professionals).

    Alumni network and community: participants to our courses are admitted by right to the Rome Business School Alumni Network, a network which enables them to remain in contact with all alumni and teachers, to exchange experiences and share projects and professional development opportunities.

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