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İş Yaşamı Temelli Öğrenme Yüksek Lisans Programı

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  • Giriş gereklilikleri
    For WBL applications, make sure you also have the following : * Minimum 5 years of public or private sector work experience after graduation. * Undergraduate Diploma and an official transcript. The diploma must have been obtained from a 4-year University program. If the degree (BA or BS) was obtained from an overseas university, an equivalency letter from YÖK must be provided. * Graduate exam results: ALES EA≥55 or GRE quantitative≥ 610. The scores are valid for two years. The ALES exams are held twice a year, in December and in April/May * English Language test results: TOEFL≥213, IELTS≥6.5 or METU Proficiency≥65. Please note that the exam results are valid for two years. * 2 Letters of Recommendation. * Support Letter (From your current employer, agreeing to support your study.) * CV and Job Description. (please click here for guidelines) * Letter of Intention.(please click here for guidelines)
  • Program tanımları
    WBL (Work Based Learning) is
    • a new educational model customized for each individual’s needs, skills and experience.
    • a joint programme between METU and Middlesex University (UK) and leading to a dual diploma given by these universities.
    • the first of its kind in Turkey.
    • a non-thesis master’s programme which require a work-oriented project to be completed.
    • a programme which allows an individual’s experience to be assessed and recognized
    • a bridge between the individual, the workplace and the university.

    WBL is for professionals who
    • have at least five years of public or private sector experience.
    • want to enhance their vision and move forward in their career.
    • want assessment and recognition of their valuable skills, knowledge and work based experience.
    • are ready to make a change for their workplaces and transform them into knowledge based businesses. .

    WBL aims at
    • providing a basis for a knowledge driven economy.
    • establishing a link between the academia and public and private industries.
    • moving the public and private sector forward.
    • continuing professional development for people who are already on their career path. .
    WBL leads way to a thriving career for candidates by
    • official recognition and accreditation of previous experience,
    • preparing the student for knowledge based businesses,
    • helping the student to fill in skill gaps by a range of courses,
    • completion of a project which adds significant value to the workplace.

    Systems Engineering (3-0) 3
    e-Business Environment and Architecture (3-0)3
    High-tech Entrepreneurship (3-0)3     
    Project Management (3-0)3  
    Business Communication and Internet Law (3-0)3
    Information Technology Management and Governance (3-0)3  
    Web Services (3-0)3
    Special Studies (3-0)3  
    Introduction to Information Systems (3-0)3  
    Introduction to Software Engineering (3-0)3
    Database Concepts and Applications (3-0)3
    Computer Networking for Information Systems (3-0)3
    Object Oriented Programming with Java (3-0)3
    IT Governance (3-0)3
    Multimedia Information Systems (3-0)3
    Data Mining (3-0)3
    Artificial Intelligence (3-0)3
    Image Processing Algorithms (3-0)3
    Computer Networking Applications (3-0)3
    Information Technology and Business Processes (3-0)3
    Software Quality Management (3-0)3
    Computer Security and Cryptography (3-0)3     
    Medical Imaging Technology (3-0)3
    Software Management (3-0)3  
    Software Verification and Validation (3-0)3
    Software Requirements Engineering (3-0)3
    Financial and Management Accounting (3-0)3
    Operations Management (3-0)3
    Systems and Organizations (3-0)3
    Technology Management (3-0)3
    Decision Models (3-0)3
    Project Management (3-0)3
    Total Quality Management (3-0)3
    Strategic Planning (3-0)3
    Business Process Reengineering (3-0)3     
    Logistics (3-0)3
    MI and Decision Support System (3-0)3   
    Applied Statistics (3-0)3
    Eng. Econ. and Investment Management (3-0)3
    Finance for EM (3-0)3
    Quality Engineering (3-0)3
    Supply Chain Management (3-0)3
    Issues in Turkish Foreign Policy (3-0) 3
    Radical Politics in the Middle East (3-0) 3
    British School of International Relations (3-0) 3
    International Political Economy (3-0) 3
    The Making of European Security (3-0) 3
    Global Environmental Issues (3-0) 3
    State in Global Capitalism (3-0) 3
    Globalization and the Middle East (3-0) 3
    Governance in Transboundary Water System (3-0) 3
    Religion and Nationalism in World Politics (3-0) 3

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