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    Triskelion®, the Time Management and Personal Productivity Course


    It’s a course for you to learn having fun anytime, anywhere. Only an Internet connection is required. The course lasts approximately 14 hours. Course subsidized by Fundación Tripartita.

    We all learn best by seeing and doing. The course-game on Time Management and Personal Productivity Triskelion is based on this premise. A revolutionary training video game.

    Triskelion® combines a complete theoretical course, a virtual simulator and an exciting adventure in videogame format in which the player can see, practice and learn time management skills.

    The student becomes Robert Weiss, a historian who will follow the clues left by philosopher Seneca in Cairo, Granada or Rome in search of the hidden secrets of happiness and success.

    1. Get to know and practice the techniques, skills and time management strategies.

    2. Improve your productivity and relieve stress

    Increase your confidence and your performance with the game tools.

    3. Have fun

    Become an avatar and turn into an history professor and travel all arounf the world looking for the Secret of the Order of Wisdom.

    4. Apply it to the real life

    More than 50000 professionals are already appling these skills, strategies and techniques on their day to day life"

    Intended audience:

    Triskelion has already trained thousands of people from nearly 500 companies around the world. 99% of them recommend the game and consider that the advice and techniques they learned can be applied to real life. Students rated the course with a 9.8 out of 10.

    Some Testimonials:    

    "Students don't learn just from the time management theory, they learn the most important tips and techniques to make their day a day life more efficient"

         Yolanda Huerga / HR Director at Philips

    “ Fantastic product, I recommend it to everyone”

         Erik Plas

    Managing Director at MSD


    Course Section I: Plan
    • Learn to define goals, develop plans and discover strategies to achieve them.
    • Learn and practice prioritizing so you regain  control of your life, find your life-balance and improve results.
    • Learn how to manage the To-Day List©, a tool that will help you make decisions without losing sight of your priorities, improving your concentration and your efficiency.

    Course Section II: Manage
    • Discover the Triskelion process for making decisions that reduce your workload, manage your in-box and  execute tasks faster.
    • Find ways to keep life and work neat and organized.
    • Achieve total control over your commitments and pending tasks.
    • Design your own personal productivity system and boost your efficiency while reducing  your stress levels.

    Course Section III: Do It Now!
    • Increase execution accuracy and speed.
    • Improve concentration. Reduce distractions.
    • Boost performance thanks to the Looped Focused Workfl ow (LFW©)

    Course Section IV: Focus
    • Learn how focusing fosters productivity.
    • Discover efficient prioritization.
    • Free up time by saying “no”, to others and to yourself.
    • Simplify your life.
    • Simplify your work.


    Special offer. 20% discount. €160

    Develop new skills . Courses-video games from Gamelearn are equivalent to a in-class course training and they stand out due to their effective gamified learning methodology and high quality.  You will learn new skills that are increasingly demanded in the market.


    There are no requirements, only an internet connection is needed. To train yourself with our serious games you don’t need any skills in the use of video games. In fact, only 2% of our more than 50,000 students are familiar with video games, and the remaining 98% has not only found the experience to be easy, but it has been much more interesting and challenging than any e-learning course.


    What will employees learn from this course?

    • Learn how to plan, prioritize and accomplish objectives
    • Discover tips, tools and techniques to manage their work so they make better decisions
    • Find methods to avoid procrastination, be more efficient and enhance their professional contributions
    • Understand how focusing and simplifying fosters personal productivity, reduces stress and allows for better job performance

    Time management, productivity, stress management, effectiveness and efficiency in work and personal life

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