Executive Boardroom Global Challenge

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  • Program tanımları
    Executive Boardroom Global Challenge.
    Course Type: London GISMA
    Career Path: Business
    Course Category: Executive
    This programme is based on a simulation, in which participants are offered the opportunity to become leaders of multinational companies for the timespan of six years. Teams compete with each other within a global, simulated environment, using a 50-page storybook. Participants will have the chance to replicate pioneering brands. They will also develop portfolios on several markets of their choice. This programme aims to produce high-skilled managers who aspire to work in an international environment. It will also be of interest to those with functional responsibilities in specific areas. For instance, one intention of the programme will be to develop fluency and self-confidence to discuss issues and to provide solutions.
    Course Requirements:
    Bachelor degree or professional equivalent,  At least 3 years’ related 
    Language level: Proof of fluency in English.
    Course Duration: 8 days
    Online: No
    Campus Based: Yes
    Locations: London

    GISMA Business School.

    • Works towards becoming the most international business school in Germany, valuing high diversity among students, faculty, staff and collaboration partners;
    • Deems itself to be a school for business and employers, generating global insights, adjusting them to local conditions, and vice versa;
    • Focuses on developing individuals into effective change agents for both the German and the international economy;
    • Bridges the gap between education and the corporate sector, applying varied views of best practice to maximise students' readiness to join the business world;
    • Addresses the challenges of a competitive market environment with relevance to customers and distinctiveness to competitors;
    • Provides a modern infrastructure and an inspiring learning environment that mirrors the unique character of a signature business school.

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