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Educational Administration and Planning Master of Science Program

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Hakkında yorumlar Educational Administration and Planning Master of Science Program - Kurumda - Çankaya - Ankara

  • Program tanımları
    Required Courses
    EDS 502 Research Methods in Education (3-0)3
    An overview of educational research process and procedures; understanding and  developing competence in research methods; application of different research designs.

    EDS 504 Educational Statistics I (3-2)4 or EDS 508 Educational Statistics II (3-2)4
    EDS 504: Basic statistical techniques for carrying out an educational research. Coding and  entering data, use of descriptive statistics for data tabulation and summarization. Percentiles  and standard scores, normal distribution, sampling distribution and central limit theorem,  correlation and simple linear regression analysis, hypothesis testing for one and two sample  cases, z, t, F, chi-square distributions, one and two way analyses of variance.
    EDS 508: Students with some educational statistics background learn advanced statistical  techniques with the aid of computer packages, such as SPSS and LISREL. The course focuses  on multiple linear regression, multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA), repeated measure  analysis, analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), factorial analysis of variance, discriminant analysis,  principle component analysis, and path analysis.
    EDS 505 Prothesis Seminar NC
    Development of master's thesis and presentation of thesis proposal. The course involves  design, methods and other matters of concern in the preparation of an acceptable master's  thesis proposal.
    EDS 599 Master's Thesis NC

    EDS 800-899 Special Studies (4-2)NC
    EDS 900-999 Special Topics (4-0)NC

    Area Courses

    EDS 511 Supervisory Techniques I (3-0)3

    Different approaches to supervision and supervision education, supervision of classroom  activities and disciplinary matters.
    EDS 512 Administrative Processes (3-0)3
    Analysis of major administrative processes such as planning, organization, staffing,  coordination and decision-making, with the consideration of student interest and needs.
    EDS 513 Administrative Problems in Education (3-0)3
    Review of educational institutions in their relationship to other institutions, the community  and the pressure groups and the problems related to these relationships with special emphasis  on the identification of the problem areas for individual students towards their thesis  preparation.
    EDS 515 Organizational Psychology (3-0)3
    Human problems in organizations. Organizational perspectives of human nature and  motivation. Leadership and participation. Inter group problems in organizations. Organizations as  dynamic and developing systems.
    EDS 516 Group Dynamics and Leadership (3-0)3
    An analysis of primary and secondary group dynamics. Dynamics of organizational  behaviour. Conflict in organizations. Several leadership theories and their applicability in Turkey  and other developing countries.
    EDS 517 Educational Organizations and Design (3-0)3
    An investigation in organizations in terms of their design, climates and the other  characteristics as well as the theories, with the emphasis on educational organizations. Study of  various issues and problems in Turkish educational organizations.
    EDS 520 Strategic Planning in Higher Education (3-0)3
    Theoretical background of strategic planning, basic steps of carrying out a strategic  planning in public institutions. Based on a case study design, this course provides hands-on  experience on strategic planning through which students can apply a similar framework in  carrying out a strategic planning process in school organizations as well as in other public and  nonprofit organizations.
    EDS 525 Systems Analysis in Education (3-0)3
    An in-depth study of the concepts: Systems and Systems Analysis, A reconsideration of  education as a system. Meaning and development of MIS in education. Introduction to  techniques in Systems Analysis: Flow Charts, Simulation, PERT, CPM, Linear Programming, Game  Theory, and other applications.
    EDS 526 Economics of Education (3-0)3
    Theory of the Formation of Human Capital. Contribution of education to economic growth.  Microeconomics of Education: Study of the effectiveness of educational systems.
    EDS 527 Finance and Educational Planning (3-0)3
    Analysis of the relation between educational systems and financial systems. Investigation  of the issues of private and public finance of education.
    EDS 531 Introduction to Educational Planning (3-0)3
    An introductory course involved with an overview of various aspects of educational  planning.
    EDS 533 Total Quality Management in Education (3-0)3
    Acquire an adequate understanding of the theory of total quality management as a way of  continuous improvement and the skills necessary to implement it in the field of education.

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