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  • Program tanımları

    Mission Statement:

    METU Physical Education and Sports Department (PES) was established in 1982. The Department of PES aims to provide opportunities for the study of physical education, sport and exercise sciences. The department also offers elective courses that fulfill requirements in the general education programs as well as performance based courses for all students in the university.

    The mission of the PES is to promote the acquisition of healthy lifestyles by teaching the relationship among physical activity, physical fitness and health. From this point, PES department offers four graduate level programs providing advanced study with concentrations in physical education curriculum, sports management, exercise physiology, and motor learning. Graduate programs serve the needs of the region and provide advanced experiences for students preparing for careers and for further study. PES department also strives to promote excellence and leadership in the graduate preparation of the students via its graduate programs.

    PES raises researchers and academic staff members by means of its graduate programs. Academic staff conducts researches and studies which produce solutions and bring novelties to the physical education field in order to serve those information to the usage of public.

    Furthermore, PES department supplies the necessary environment to its academic staff members to possess the specialties like; being effective communicator, honest, dynamic, persuasive, flexible and quick thinker, respectful to ethical issues, being able to work in a team environment efficiently, and protection of individual and public values. The Department also encourages academic staff members to produce high quality investigations, services, and education programs via disciplinary and interdisciplinary work groups.

    Vision Statement:

    The Physical Education and Sports Department is committed to be a national leader in providing students with professional, ethical, and contemporary educational experience through effective pedagogical approaches.

    In a period of five years, the department will broaden, enhance, and develop its teaching, education, search, and service activities which are now proper and equal to norms and standards of European Union universities. In this respect, P.E.S. department will have qualified academic staff members and students both of whom will be capable of using the advanced educational technology. Thus, the department will be an outstanding institution in providing academic staff members for other universities' physical education and sports departments. At the same time, the department will produce projects and academic solutions for Turkey's existing problems and necessities in the area of physical education and sports.

    Besides, P.E.S. department will more effectively use its expert human potential as an efficient source via educational seminars, certificate and in-service educational programs, and internet based distance education. By all means of this potential, the department will collaborate with the national institutions like Youth and Sport General Administration, National Olympic Committee, sport clubs, and sport federations so as to prepare Turkey to host big and international organizations.


    Korkusuz, Feza (Chairperson): M.D., Ankara University Faculty of Medicine; Specialization in Orthopedic Surgery, Osaka University Medical School Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery.
    Orthopedics and Traumatology, Medical Polymers and Ceramics, and Biomechanics

    Çiçek, Şeref: B.S., M.S., Ph.D., METU.
    Physical Education, Teacher Education, Curriculum Development in PE and Football and Science

    Koçak, M. Settar: B.S., M.S., METU; Ph.D., University of New Mexico.
              Sport Management, Training Theory and Physical Education Programs for Handicapped    People


    İnce, Levent: B.S., M.S., Ph.D., METU.
             Teaching Effectiveness, Professional Development and Graduate Education

    Kirazcı, Sadettin: B.S., M.S., METU; Ph.D., University of Wales, Bangor.
    Motor Learning and Motor Development


    Tüzün, Macide: B.S., M.S., Ege University; Ph.D., Gazi University.

              Physical Activity and Health, First-Aid, Dance and Gymnastics

    EDS 508 Educational Statistics II
    PES 600 Research Seminar in Physical Education
    PES 699 Ph. D. Dissertation
    PES 900-999 Special Studies

    Elective Courses

    PES 610 Analysis of Instruction in Physical Education
    PES 622 Contemporary Issues in Motor Learning & Control <
    PES 626 Directed Readings in Motor Behavior
    PES 640 Exercise Physiology Specialization
    PES 642 Exercise in Life Time Achievement
    PES 646 Designing Training Programs in Competitive Sports
    PES 650 Sports Injuries, Preventive Measures and Rehabilitation
    PES 660 Program and Event Management
    PES 664 Public Relations and Fund Raising in Sport Setting
    EDS 540 Fundamentals of Curriculum Development
    EDS 544 Theories of Instruction
    EDS 547 Curriculum Evaluation
    EDS 572 Advances in Psychological Foundations of Education
    EDS 601 Qualitative Research Methods in Education
    EDS 649 A Comparative Study of Teacher Education

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