MSc: The Magellan MBA

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Hakkında yorumlar MSc: The Magellan MBA - Kurumda - Hannover - Almanya

  • Program tanımları
    The Magellan MBA   .
    Course Type:  Postgraduate
    Career Path: Management
    Course Category: MBA
    The Magellan MBA will transform you into an effective and inspiring leader, no matter the industry you wish to work in. Participants study an integrated curriculum, covering a full range of functional business areas, including strategy, finance, and marketing. This programme is studied over 14 months, you will spend the first 10 months studying a wide range of marketing topics, including content marketing, digital analytics, and brand management, while the last 4 months are devoted to your Final Management Project (FMP). Free beginner's German classes for all students. Scholarships of up to 40% available!*                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
    *Terms and conditions apply.
    Course Requirements:
    • Bachelor degree from a recognised university 
    • At least 3 years of releavant working experience
    Certificate of English Proficiency: GMAT or GRE score
    Successful application interview
    • 3 essays focusing on your academic and professional experience
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Two professional or academic references
    • Show evidence of financial sustainability during the full length of the MBA programme
    Course Duration.
    14 months full-time - (10 months in class + 4 months project)
    Online: No
    Campus Based:  Yes
    Locations: Hannover
    Certified by: Porto Business School
    GISMA Business School.
    • Works towards becoming the most international business school in Germany, valuing high diversity among students, faculty, staff and collaboration partners;
    • Deems itself to be a school for business and employers, generating global insights, adjusting them to local conditions, and vice versa;
    • Focuses on developing individuals into effective change agents for both the German and the international economy;
    • Bridges the gap between education and the corporate sector, applying varied views of best practice to maximise students' readiness to join the business world;
    • Addresses the challenges of a competitive market environment with relevance to customers and distinctiveness to competitors;
    • Provides a modern infrastructure and an inspiring learning environment that mirrors the unique character of a signature business school.

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