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M.S. Program in European Integration

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Hakkında yorumlar M.S. Program in European Integration - Kurumda - Çankaya - Ankara

  • Program tanımları

    European integration is a multi-dimensional project with its political, economic, legal, social and cultural integration aspects. Therefore, this multi-dimensionality brings the European Integration Program  into an interdisciplinary position.

    European Integration gained the necessity of being a distinct specializing area in the graduate level because of the changing position of Turkey with the impact of negotiation process within the EU. We can list the aims of the Graduate Program in European Integration, which were prepared as an answer to that necessity.

    The aims of the Graduate Program in European Integration can be summarized as follows and the courses delivered are designed to meet these objectives:
    • to help forming specialist managerial staff about different aspects of the European integration and the EU in different institutions and establishments;
    • to make EU policies in the negotiation process examined and understood by getting touch with the EU authorities;
    • to constitute a public opinion about the EU and Turkey-EU relations by means of internal and international seminars and conferences, projects;
    • to determine those changes that Turkey will encounter in its policies and constitutional context during the integration process;
    • to provide a deeper understanding as to Turkey- EU relations, particularly by increasing familiarity of the officials to the issue in an internationalized academic environment;
    • to analyze the dynamics of the adaptation process that Turkey is undergoing in the EU integration process.
    Fields of Study: All fields under the economics and politics


    Akder, Halis (METU/Economics): B.S., METU; Dr.rer.pol., Goethe Universitat.

          Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Trade Policy, Common Agricultural Policy, EU-Turkey Relations, Human Development

    Aksoy, Şinasi (Political Science and Public Administration) : B.A., Ankara University; M.P.A., Ph.D., University of Southern California.

          Bureaucracy, Personnel Administration, Public Service Provision and Privatisation

    Altunışık, Meliha (METU/International Relations): B.A., Ankara University, M.A., METU, Ph.D., Boston University.

         Politics of the Middle East, Turkey and the Middle East, The international political economy of oil, Politics of Caspian Oil.

    Bağcı, Hüseyin (METU/International Relations): B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Bonn.

          The New Order and The Security of Europe, Contemporary Issues in International Security, Diplomatic History,International Organizations

    Eralp, Atila (METU/International Relations): B.A., METU; M.A., Ph.D., University of Southern California.

          Theories of International Relations, European Integration and Enlargement, Theories of Integration, Euro-Mediterranean Relations

    Erlat, Güzin (METU/Economics):: B.A., METU; M.A., Gazi University;M.S., Ph.D., Ankara University.

    Taymaz, Erol (METU/Economics): B.A., METU, M.A., METU, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

           Technology, innovation and development, Industrial policy, technology policy, enterprise policy, Regulation and competition policy, Policy       evaluation, Industrial dynamics, Entrepreneurship and small business economics, Education and training, Labor demand and flexibility,       Evolutionary economics, Micro-simulation modeling

    Tileylioğlu, Alaeddin (METU/Business Administration): B.A., University of İstanbul, M.A., University of Lancaster, Ph.D., University of Lancaster.

          Management of Change, Corporate Culture, Money and Capital Markets, Students Migration to Europe .

    Türkeş, Mustafa (METU/International Relations): B.A., Hacettepe University; M.A., Ph.D.,University of Manchester.

         Political Developments and Security Issues in East-Central Europe, Destruction of Yugoslavia, Turkish Foreign Policy, Kemalizm, Political and      Ideological Tendencies in Turkey


    Ege, Aylin (METU/Economics): B.S., METU; M.A., Ankara University; Ph.D., University of Kent at Canterbury.

       European Integration, EU-Turkey Relations, World Trade Organisation

    Ercan, Hakan (METU/Economics): B.S., M.S., METU; Ph.D., University of Iowa, U.S.A.

       Microeconometrics, Labor Economics

    Erdil, ERKAN (METU/Economics): B.Sc., METU, M.Sc, METU, PhD., METU and Maastricht University

        Labor Economics, Economics of Technology, Economics of Information & Uncertainty, Agricultural Economics, Health Economics, Applied    Econometrics

    Polat, Necati (METU/International Relations): B.A., Istanbul University; Ph.D., University of Nottingham.

      International Law, IR Theory, Philosophy of Social Sciences, Current Social and Political Theory


    Akbostancı, Elif(METU/Economics): B.A., METU, M.A., George Washington University, Ph.D., George Washington University.

        Monetary Exchange Rate Models, Currency Substitution, International Trade and Finance, Econometric Time Series Modeling, Trade and Environment

    Aşçıoğlu-Öz, Gamze (METU/ Political Science and Public Administration): B.A., Ankara University; L.L.M., University of Nottingham.

         Competition Policy, Law and Institutions of the European Union, European Court of Justice

    Çıtak, Aytürk, Zana(METU/International Relations): B.A., METU, M.A., London School of Economics, Ph.D., Boston University.

          Religion, nationalism, French politics

    Tsarouhas, Dimitri: BA Sheffield, MSc London School of Economics, PhD Sheffield

          Europeanization, European Social Policy and Social Dialogue, Labour Markets and Labour Relations, Sweden, Greece, Party Politics, Greek-Turkish       relations, EU-Turkey relations.

    Ertuğrul, Kürşad (METU/ Political Science and Public Administration): B.S., METU; M.A., Leeds University; Ph.D., METU.

        Turkish Politics, European Political Theory, European Identity and Turkish Modernization

    Güneş, Şule(METU/International Relations): B.A., Ankara University; Dip., Institute of Social Studies, the Hague; M.A., Ankara University.

        International Law, International Law of the Sea, Environmental Law

    Kahraman, Sevilay (METU/International Relations): B.A., M.A., Ph.D., METU.

       European Integration and Enlargement, Common Foreign and Security Policy, Euro-Mediterranean Relations, Institutional Reform of the EU

    Kibaroğlu, Ayşegül (METU/International Relations): B.A, Ankara University, M.A., University of Reading, Ph.D., Bilkent University, Post- Doc., University of Dundee.

         Politics of water resources; environmental change and international security; transboundary river basins management; international water law; regional development; international organizations, international regimes theory.

    Tanrısever, Oktay(METU/International Relations): B.A., METU, M.A., METU, Ph.D., University of London.

           Russian politics and foreign policy, Russia and the European State System, Regional politics in the Caucasus, State-building and nation-building in the Post-Soviet space, Politics of federalism, Politics of nationalism and ethnicity, Theories of international relations and history of political thought.

    Yalman, Galip (METU/ Political Science and Public Administration): B.A., METU; M.A., University of Southampton; Ph.D., University of Manchester.

          European Social Policy, Comparative Politics

    Lecturer: Eren, İpek (METU/ Political Science and Public Administration): B.A., METU, M.A., London School of Economics, Ph.D., Sussex University

    Research Fellows (Center for European Studies)

    Bölükbaşı, Tolga: B.Sc., METU, M.Sc., University of Ankara, Ph.D., McGill University.

    Ertugal, Ebru: B.A., University of Marmara, M.A., University of Warwick, Ph.D., The Catholic University of Leuven

    Özçürümez, Saime: B.A., Bilkent University, Ph.D., McGill University.

    Ulusoy, Kıvanç: B.A., METU, M.A., METU, Ph.D., Boğaziçi University.

    Required Courses
    • Principles of EU Law and Current Legal Issues
    • Process of European Integration
    • Accession and Negotiation Process and Methods in the EU

    Modul 1:
    Politics of European Integration

    • International Relations of the EU
      European Governance
    • Comparative Enlargement
    • EU Security and Defense Policy
      EU Immigration Policy
    • European Human Rights Regime
    • Citizenship and Identity in the EU
    • Process of Europeanization in the Black Sea Region
    • Evolution of Water Policy in Europe: European Water Framework Directive and Reflections on Turkish Water Policy
    • Relations between Turkey and the EU

    Modul 2: Economic and Social Policies of European Integration
    • Economics of European Integration
    • EC Competition Law and Policy
    • Sectoral Policies of the EU
    • EU Regional Policy
    • European Labour Market and Employment Policies
    • Trade Policy and External Economic Relations of the EU
    • International Trade Theories and Selected Applied Work on Turkish Foreign Trade
    • EU Environmental Policy
    • Political Economy of Energy Policies and the EU
    • European Business
    • European Social Policy
    • Relations between Turkey and the EU


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