M.A Program in Criticial and Cultural Studies

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Hakkında yorumlar M.A Program in Criticial and Cultural Studies - Kurumda - Beşiktaş - İstanbul

  • Program tanımları
    Professors: Oya Basak*, Dilek Doltas*, Jale Parla*, Cevza Sevgen, Asli Tekinay

    Associate Professor: Isil Bas

    Assistant Professors: Ian Almond, Deniz Ceylan, Suna Ertugrul, Ozlem Gorey, Lamia Gulcur, Kim Fortuny, Ozlem Ogut


    This program aims to offer students the theoretical and analytical tools with which to read culture critically. It is designed to enable them to analyze a wide range of cultural texts and practices in the light of contemporary cultural and critical theories. It also allows students to pursue their particular interests within an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural framework. Students are required to take CCS 501-502 Introduction to Critical and Cultural Theory I, II and CCS 504 Methodology and Research. (It is possible to substitute CCS 504 with a similar graduate course on methodology offered in a related field.) In addition they will be asked to choose four graduate courses from a pool of courses in related fields subject to the consent of their advisor, and to write an M.A. thesis. Students whose undergraduate degrees are not in English Literature are required to take at least one elective course from the English Literature pool.


    First Semester     
    CCS 501     Int. to Critical and Cultural Theory I     
    -- --     Elective     
    -- --     Elective     
    -- --     Elective     
    Second Semester
    CCS 502     Int. to Critical and Cultural Theory II     
    CCS 504     Methodology and Research     
    -- --     Elective
    CCS 579     Graduate Seminar

    CCS 501 Introduction to Critical and Cultural Theory I (4+0+0) 4
    (Elestiri ve Kultur Kuramlarina Giris I)

    An introduction to current themes and issues of cultural studies in the light of contemporary critical theory focusing on themes such as the definition of culture, production of cultural meanings and identities, the relationship between high and mass cultures, role of cultural forms in creating and maintaining power relationships and social boundaries.

    CCS 502 Introduction to Critical and Cultural Theory II (4+0+0) 4
    (Elestiri ve Kultur Kuramlarina Giris II)

    An analysis of gender, ethnicity, race, and class relations from the vantage point of such theoretical perspectives as poststructuralism, postcolonialism, feminism, Marxism and psychoanalysis.

    CCS 504 Methodology and Research (Yontem ve Arastirma) (4+4+0) 4
    Theory construction, the rules of argumentation, data collection and analysis, qualitative/quantitative research methods and writing a research proposal.

    CCS 579 Graduate Seminar (Lisansustu Seminer) (1+0+0) 0

    CCS 690 MA Thesis (Master Tezi)

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