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Kentsel Politika Planlaması ve Yerel Yönetimler Yüksek Lisans Programı

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Kentsel Politika Planlaması ve Yerel Yönetimler Yüksek Lisans Programı - Kurumda - Çankaya - Ankara

  • Program tanımları

    The aim of the graduate program in Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (UPL) is to help students specialize in the fields of urban policy analysis and design, urban project management and local governments. With this aim the program offers degrees in M.S. and Ph.D levels.

    The complexity of urban problems and policy processes require a multi-disciplinary approach. UPL is a joint program established by the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and the Department of Political Science and Public Administration to meet this objective.

    As part of the multi-disciplinary approach, the program admits not only the graduates of these two main disciplines, but also the students from other fields such as law, economics, management, psychology, sociology, engineering and architecture.

    The program has two main orientations. On the one hand, it provides a synthesis of different disciplines, by enjoying the contributions of each field. On the other hand, the program aims to strengthen the link between theory and practice of urban management and policy making. By doing this; it challenges the pragmatic approaches which have traditionally dominated the urban policy processes.

    The program focused on the following issues in the previous years: Urban Poverty, Participation in Local Governments, Local Government Finance, Strategic Planning in Local Governments, Provincial Development Plans, Health in Urban Areas,etc.

    The program encourages the graduates of different disciplines, especially who work in municipalities, planning agencies and other policy oriented institutions.

    Students are accepted to M.S. and Ph.D programs. The students of the program are allowed to choose between thesis and non-thesis programs on the basis of their interests and future professional choices.

    Fields of Study :
    Urban Poverty, Participation in Local Governments, Strategic Planning in Local Governments, Provincial Development Plans, City and Health, Local Government Politics, Local Government Finance, Urban Integration, De-Industrialization in Urban Areas, Crime in the City, Migration, Segregation in Urban Areas, Service Provision of Local Governments.


    Aksoy, Şinasi (METU/Political Science and Public Administration): B.A., Ankara University; M.PA., Ph.D., University of Southern California.
    Public Administration, Personnel Administration, Privatization

    Ersoy, Melih (METU/City and Regional Planning): B.CP., METU; M.CP., Columbia University; Ph.D., METU.
    Urban Economics, Urban Politics, Development Economics

    Keleş, Ruşen ( Ankara University): B.A., Ph.D.; Ankara University.
    Urban Politics, Urbanization and Housing Policy, Local Governments, Urbanization and Environmental Problems.

    Alpar, Reha (Hacettepe University/Faculty of Medicine, Department of Biostatistics): B.Stat., M.S., Ph.D., Hacettepe University.
    Statistics, Statistical Applications and Analysis


    Şengül, H. Tarık (METU/Political Science and Public Administration): B.CP., M.S., METU; Ph.D., University of Kent at Canterbury.
    Urban Politics, Politics of Local Governments, City Planning, Urban Social Movements

    Keskinok, H. Çağatay (METU/City and Regional Planning): B.CP., M.S., Ph.D., METU.
    Urban Politics, Politics of Urban Spatial Organization, City Planning

    Madran, Emre (METU/Architecture): B.Arch., M.Arch., Ph.D., METU
    Urban Conservation, Restoration.

    Pınarcıoğlu, Melih (METU/ City and Regional Planning): B.MAN, M.CP, METU; Ph.D., University College London.
    Development Economics, Urban and Regional Economics, Strategic Planning, Management Theories


    Deveci, Cem (METU/Political Science and Public Administration): B.S, M.S, METU; Ph.D., Carleton University.
    Political Science, Philosophy of Politics


    Tekinbaş, Emre (The Ministry of Public Works and Settlement): B.C.P., METU.
    Local Government Finance

    Required Courses

    UPL 522 Urban Policy Planning Studio I
    UPL 511 Urban Policy Planning Studio II
    UPL 503 Theory and Practice in Public Administration
    UPL 521 Local Governments in Turkey
    RP 511 Planning Theory
    ADM 414 Contemporary Political Theory
    UPL 599 Urban Policy Planning and Local Government Master Thesis
    UPL 504 Prothesis Seminar
    UPL 588 Urban Policy Planning and Local Government Project Course

    Elective Courses

    UPL 527 Legal and Administrative Analysis of Urbanization
    UPL 515 Urban Planning Theory and Practice
    ADM 515 Politics of Urban Space
    UPL 513 Urban Development and Management
    UPL 517 Public Economy and Local Government Finance
    UPL 532 Urban Politics
    UPL 548 Urban Conservation and Municipal Behavior
    ADM 538 Theories of Public Administration
    ADM 560 Privatization and the Local Governments
    CP 495 Urban Political Analysis
    CP 527 Modernity, Post-Modernity, and Urban Studies
    CP 499 Seminar in Selected Urban Political Issues


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