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Educational Administration and Planning Doctorate Program

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Hakkında yorumlar Educational Administration and Planning Doctorate Program - Kurumda - Çankaya - Ankara

  • Program tanımları
    PhD. Courses for Educational Administration and Planning

    Required Courses

    EDS 695 Research Seminar in Educational Sciences (3-0)3
    Development of doctoral dissertations and projects and presentations of plans. The course  which is intended for students who have identified a reasonably narrow area for research will  assist them in design, methods and other matters of concern in the preparation of an  acceptable dissertation or project proposal. The course involves presentations, group  discussions, and critiques.

    EDS 699 Ph.D. Dissertation NC
    EDS 800-899 Special Studies (4-2)NC
    EDS 900-999 Special Topics (4-0)NC

    Area Courses

    EDS 602 Educational Finance (3-0)3
    Fundamental theories of finance and how they relate to education. Introduction and  discussion of controversial issues such as: Selectivity in education, student loans, education  vouchers, tuition fees, etc.
    EDS 603 Personnel Administration (3-0)3
    The concepts of power and authority in relation to bureaucratic models. Hierarchical  relationships. Staffing in educational systems. Analysis and review of laws, rules and regulations  related to educational (public) personnel. Specific attention will be given to Public Employee Law  No. 657. In-Service education, evaluation of personnel, job classification, incentives in  organizations. On-the-job training. Career Systems.
    EDS 605 Advanced Seminar in Supervision (3-0)3
    Discussion of problems related to supervision in Turkish schools with the participation of  various level ministry supervisory in discussions. Visits to several education institutions with  supervisors.
    EDS 606 Supervisory Techniques II (3-0)3
    Supervisory roles and responsibilities. Clinical supervision and related analyses and  strategies.
    EDS 607 Issues in Educational Administration (3-0)3
    A course on international and national aspects of transformation, innovation, and critical  issues in school administration in the 1990s.
    EDS 610 Educational Leadership and Change (3-0)3
    A course on educational leadership. Theoretical approaches to educational leadership,  organizational development. The importance of leadership as a change in educational setting  with a special reference to reforming Turkish educational system.
    EDS 617 Restructuring Educational Organizations (3-0)3
    An in-depth study of organizational change and restructuring in education. Information  age, "The new world order", and education, emerging theoretical issues in the concept of  education, magnitude and scale of emerging issues and problems related to educational  organizations, and the explorations of change alternatives for the Turkish education al system.
    EDS 625 Educational Planning for Social Development (3-0)3

    Examination of the linkages between education and social development of nature. Concepts of  social development and approaches to determine optimal type and levels of educational  systems. Discussion of controversial issues leading to social development policy.
    EDS 630 Seminar in Educational Planning (3-0)3

    Analysis and study of current issues in educational planning, especially related to Turkey.
    EDS 631 The Processes and Problems of Educational Planning in Turkey (3-0)3

    In-depth discussion of the process and problems of educational planning since the  formation of the Turkish Republic. The five year plans and educational planning and its  implementation.

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