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Ph. D. Program in Political Science and International Relations

Sorularınız herhangi bir ücret alınmadan, doğrudan ilgili kuruma yönlendirilecektir Koç Üniversitesi

Iteği göndermek için gizlilik politikasını kabul etmelisiniz

Ph. D. Program in Political Science and International Relations - Kurumda - Sarıyer - İstanbul

  • Giriş gereklilikleri
    The applicants to the program are expected to have a MA degree in a relevant field of study, including -but not restricted to- fields such as Political Science, International Relations, Business, Sociology, History, Anthropology, and Economics.
  • Program tanımları
    Program and Objectives Objective

    The Department of International Relations at Koç University invites applications for its Ph.D. program in International Relations beginning in Fall 2009. The objective of the Ph.D. program in International Relations is to prepare students for academic careers in prominent universities, or for government and policy related careers, in Turkey and the rest of the world.  The members of the International Relations Department at Koç University are recognized as contributors to the frontiers of knowledge in Turkey and abroad.  Students will be exposed to the latest theoretical debates and methodological techniques.  Our students will have the opportunity to participate in the research programs of faculty members.  They will also develop their teaching skills.   The Ph.D. program will be launched in Fall 2009.

    Below you will find information on research areas, faculty members, curriculum, application process, and scholarships.

    Research Areas:

    Civil Society and Democracy
    Conflict Studies
    European Union
    Foreign Policy
    International Political Economy
    International Relations Theory
    Middle East Politics
    Religion and Secularism
    Turkish Politics
    The Ph.D. program requires admitted students to take a minimum of 7 courses. 

    All Ph.D. students have to take
    • Intl 601 Quantitative Research Methods
    • Intl 602 Comparative Politics
    • Intl 603 International Relations
    • Intl 604 Political Theory

    Ph.D. students can take any of the following courses listed under the MA in International Relations program as well as some of the courses from other relevant graduate programs.  They will have the opportunity to take graduate-level electives on such topics as European Union, Turkish politics, political economy, and conflict studies among others, which reflect the areas of particular strength in our department.  Students will also have the opportunity to attend programs in other countries, including distinguished universities in Europe and the United States.

    Students who have teaching assistantship assignments must take TEACH 500: Teaching Experience during the semesters of their assignments.
    Students must also take ENGL 500: Graduate Writing course.

    Prof. Ahmet İÇDUYGU
    Prof. Fuat KEYMAN
    Prof. Ziya ÖNİŞ
    Assoc. Prof. Michael MOUSSEAU
    Assoc. Prof. Murat SOMER
    Assoc. Prof. Şuhnaz YILMAZ
    Asst. Prof. Şener AKTÜRK
    Asst. Prof. Özlem ALTAN OLCAY
    Asst. Prof. Caner BAKIR
    Asst. Prof. Reşat BAYER
    Asst. Prof. Bahar RUMELİLİ
    Asst. Prof. Belgin SAN AKÇA
    Asst. Prof. Demet YALÇIN MOUSSEAU


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