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Master of International Affairs and Public Policy

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Hakkında yorumlar Master of International Affairs and Public Policy - Kurumda - Gölbaşı - Ankara

  • Program tanımları
    The curriculum of the Master of International and Public Policy (MIAPP) is designed to provide students with a broad analytical background in the major fields of international affairs and European integration. The program attracts a variety of students with its specific focus on the newly emerging issues of governance and globalization.

    The program responds to new professional opportunities at home and abroad by providing students with the knowledge and skills necessay to pursue careers in international, private, and public sectors. The MIAPP program addresses the fundamental issues of the post-Cold War era, globalization, public governance, corporate governance and European integration with an approach that incorporates scholarly perspective and practical experience. In other words, the purpose of the MIAPP program is to develop international and European affairs experts and executives who understand –and can deal with- the increasingly complex problems of a rapidly changing world.

    The MIAPP program is not designed to prepare students for the Ph.D. program. Graduates can be admitted to the Ph.D. program if they fulfill certain additional requirements of the department. The core curriculum is designed taking into consideration the specific needs of the MIAPP program. Nevertheless, BIR offers a specific number of its elective courses to the MIAPP students.

    Degree Requirements:

    The program of study requires 60 units of graduate credits and is completed in 4 semesters of full-time attendance without the requirement of submission and defense of a Master's thesis. A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 must be attained by the end of Master's level work.

    Course Exemption Policy:

    Students who have advanced knowledge in a discipline can apply to enroll in a more advanced course of the same discipline or in an elective course upon the approval of the Program Coordinator. Course exemptions cannot be used to deduct from the 60 credit units required for graduation.


    All the first year courses are  compulsory  for MIAPP  students.  The core curriculum offers interdisciplinary training in international affairs. It consists of graduate level course work of 30 credit units.

    Fall Semester

    ENG 406      Graduate Writing and Presentation Seminar

    MAN 509      International Business

    ECON 507    Economics for International and Public Affairs I

    IR 629          Global Political Economy

    IR 638          Accession Process to the European Union

    Total: 15 Credits

    Spring Semester

    IR 543        International and Public Policy Decision-making

    IR 547        International Politics

    ECON 508  Economics for International and Public Affairs II

    IR 594       International Law and Organization

    IR 574       Turkey 's International Relations

    Total:   15 Credits                                                                             

    After having completed the core curriculum course work during their first year, students must satisfy the requirements of the second year through the completion of the course work of at least 30 credit units (five elective courses each semester).


    Fall Semester

    No compulsory course

    Five of the following electives:

    IR Courses
    IR 477   Political Economy of Natural Resources
    IR 478     Political Theory in International Relations
    IR 485     The Politics of Turkey's Relations with the EU
    IR 493     European Union
    IR 529     Arms Control and Disarmament
    IR 567     Contemporary Russia
    IR 629     Global Political Economy
    IR 634     Peace Operations

    MAN & MBA Courses
    MAN 404       Investment Analysis
    MAN 406     Business Strategy
    MAN 420     EU Integration
    MAN 462     Human Resources Management
    MBA 570     International Business I
    MBA 574     EU Integration

    HIST Courses
    HIST 401     Ottoman Turkish and Paleography
    HIST 411     Ottoman History: 1300-1600
    HIST 413     Byzantine History I: 324-1025
    HIST 417     Medieval Europe: 500-1500
    HIST 431     History of the United States until the Reconstruction
    HIST 527     Feudalism: East and West I
    HIST 529     Bulgaria Under the Ottoman Rule: History and Sources
    HIST 531     Social and Economic History of the United States I
    HIST 555     Modernization of the Ottoman Empire During the 19th Century

    Spring Semester

    No compulsory course

    Five of the following electives:

    IR Courses
    IR 318     Contemporary Balkan Politics
    IR 322     International Protection of Human Rights
    IR 343     Middle East Security Structures
    IR 408     European Union Law
    IR 413     Game Theory and International Politics
    IR 434     Selected Topics in International Law
    IR 452   Contemporary International Relations
    IR 454   International Environmental Politics
    IR 455     The European Union and Turkey
    IR 465      Global Economic Governance
    IR 470     International Terrorism and Transnational Crime
    IR 482     International Ethics
    IR 488     Security and Strategy
    IR 489     EU Foreign and Security Policy
    IR 494     Causes and Prevention of War
    IR 496     Turkey's Security in a Changing World
    IR 498     International Relations and Media
    IR 572     European Union Integration, EU and OECD Economies
    IR 647     Nuclear Weapons and U.S. Foreign Policy
    IR 656     Russia, Turkey and the First World War
    IR 659     American Security Policy: Current Issues

    MBA Courses
    MBA 502     Turkish Business Context
    MBA 532     Marketing Management
    MBA 533     Marketing Research
    MBA 575     SME's and Cross Border Ventures

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