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Master en Finanzas
Metod: Kurumda
Yerleşim yeri:
Program ücreti: 19.400 euros

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Eada Business School

Master en Finanzas - Barcelona - İspanya

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Master en Finanzas - Barcelona - İspanya Master en Finanzas - Barcelona - İspanya
Program Tanımları:
Master en Finanzas.

Start Date : 28/09/2017
Program fee : €19.400

Description .
  • Age: 21-29
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Language: English
  • Format: Full Time
International Master in Finance -   What will I get out of this programme ?

The International Master in Finance gives participants "professional competitive advantage" by focusing on mastery of specific business tools and techniques, development of interpersonal competencies and acquiring a global vision of the company and its strategic position in the business environment.

" Being familiar with accounting and financial concepts and displaying strong team skills is crucial for my job. EADA gave me the opportunity to enhance both my technical capabilities and my soft skills, giving me the key to succeeding in my current position. "

Alexander Mayer.
International Master in Finance.
Ernst & Joung Junior Auditor.

The goal of EADA's international programmes is to develop competencies in the participants:

The broad curriculum is designed to enable participants to pursue a career in Finance. The programme is a full CFA partner and allows participants to develop expertise in corporate finance, risk management, financial markets, and portfolio management. The programme also covers alternative investments, M&A, financial modelling derivatives and financial strategy.
  • EADA has developed its own practical, active and participative methodology to reflects companies' demand for professionals. These competencies are developed at EADA through the case method, business projects, business games, analysis and discussion groups and team working activities.
  • Participants take part in our unique Professional Development Programme (PDP), which includes a plan of personal and professional growth. This plan will be referred to throughout the year and helps position participants for entry into the business world.
  • EADA's methodology is based on small groups. There are approximately 20 and 30 participants per class with no more than 5 of the same nationality.
  • EADA offers its participants the chance to supplement their master in Barcelona with an exchange programme in one of our prestigious international partner schools. Our partner schools are located in Germany, the United States, France, Japan, the UK, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand and Taiwan.
  • Three of our European partner schools also offer the opportunity to obtain a double degree: EDHEC (France), HHL (Germany) and EBS (Germany).
  • The programme includes company visits such as Deutsche Bank, La Caixa, Football Club Barcelona and the stock market.
Program .

Degree .

Participants who have completed the entire program, according to the established academic requirements, will receive the EADA Finance Diploma.

Which subjects are studied ?


  •     Strategic Management
  •     International Economy
  •     Financial Mathematics
  •     Financial Accounting
  •     Business Analysis
  •     Financial Products and Markets
  •     Financial Strategy
  •     Valuation
  •     Equity Markets
  •     Risk Management
  •     Mergers and Acquisitions
  •     Private Finance
  •     Derivatives
  •     Financial Auditing
  •     Portfolio Management
  •     Auditing
  •     Trading Simulation
  •     Business Simulation
INTERNATIONAL WEEKS (electives taught by visiting faculty)


Methodology .

EADA has developed its own practical , active and participative approach with emphasis on "learning by doing".

The methodology reflects companies'demand for professionals with skills such as: the capacity to reflect, ability to act in the face of change, versatility to work in multifunctional teams and adaptability to the challenges of a global environment.

These competencies are developed at EADA through the Case Method, Business Projects, Business Games, Analysis and Discussion Groups and Team Working activities. Participants are consistently placed in real-life business situations and forced to think like executives and take strategic decisions.

Admissions .

How do I request information about this program ?

Through the application form displayed on this page you can contact us and we will inform you about all the details of the admission process for the International Master in Finance.

Participant profile :

Participants are young university graduates in the initial stages of their professional career who are interested in the field of finance.
  •     Average age: 24
  •     Language: English
  •     Average professional experience: From 0 to 2 years
Career opportunities at EADA :
  •     Business analyst, HSBC
  •     Senior auditor, Deloitte
  •     Senior auditor, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  •     Logistics planner, BMW
  •     M&A, Deutsche Bank
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