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  • Program tanımları

    The Master of Arts program in English Literature is designed to give intensive training to those students who wish to pursue advanced studies in this field. The M.A. degree is open to candidates who have taken the B.A. degree in English Language and Literature or who have fulfilled the requirements specified in the English Language and Literature undergraduate program.

    To fulfill the requirements of the M.A. degree in English Literature, students must complete a total of 25 credits and submit a thesis supervised by their academic advisor. The coursework requires intensive reading and research as well as seminar reports and discussions. An oral comprehensive examination is part of the defense of the thesis.

    The distribution of the courses to semesters is decided by the staff.


    EL 500 Medieval English Literature (Ortacag Ingiliz Edebiyati) (4+0+0) 4
    A study of medieval English literature with reference to specific authors such as Langland, Gower and Chaucer and to selected texts in Middle English.

    EL 501 Poetry and Prose of the English Renaissance (4+0+0) 4
    (Ingiliz Ronesansinda Siir ve Duzyazi)

    A study of the development of English lyric poetry and the sonnet form with special reference to the works of Sidney and Spenser; the main prose works of the period, reflecting the literary, social and cultural trends of the age.

    EL 502 Earlier English Drama (Ingiliz Tiyatrosunun Ilk Devri) (4+0+0) 4
    A study of the rise of English drama; miracle and morality plays; history plays of the sixteenth century with special reference to Marlowe and Shakespeare; textual criticism of selected plays.

    EL 503 Drama of the Elizabethan Period (Elizabeth Devri Tiyatrosu) (4+0+0) 4
    The study of the works of major playwrights with reference to the conventions of the Elizabethan stage.

    EL 504 Crosscurrents in English Literature of the Seventeenth Century (4+0+0) 4
    (Onyedinci Yuzyil Ingiliz Edebiyatinda Baslica Akimlar)

    The Metaphysical poets; the poetry of John Milton; the prose works of the period with reference to the philosophical and scientific works of Thomas Hobbes, Isaac Newton and the Cambridge Platonists.

    EL 505 Eighteenth Century English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Onsekinci Yuzyil Edebiyati)

    A study of the significant literary works of the age, with reference to contemporary philosophical and cultural trends in Europe.

    EL 506 Early Nineteenth Century English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Ondokuzuncu Yuzyilin Ilk Yarisinda Ingiliz Edebiyati)

    The works of Coleridge and Wordsworth, and also study of the critical thought of the age. The rise and development of the English Romantic movement, the poetry of Shelley, Keats and Byron.

    EL 507 English Literature of the Later Nineteenth Century (4+0+0) 4
    (Ondokuzuncu Yuzyilin Ikinci Yarisinda Ingiliz Edebiyati)

    The greater Victorian poets, prose writers and thinkers (Thomas Carlyle, John Stuart Mill, Matthew Arnold) and the major novelists (Jane Austen, George Eliot, Charles Dickens, William Thackeray).

    EL 508 Studies in Modern English Drama (Modern Ingiliz Tiyatrosu) (4+0+0) 4
    Main currents in modern English drama from Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw to the English theater of the 1950's and after.

    EL 509 Studies in Modern Criticism (Cagdas Elestiri) (4+0+0) 4
    Main currents in modern and contemporary criticism; theory and its application to selected works.

    EL 510 Shakespeare (Shakespeare) (4+0+0) 4
    A critical and historical approach to the dramatic and non-dramatic works of Shakespeare.

    EL 511 Seminar in Modern English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Modern Ingiliz Edebiyati Semineri)

    An intensive study of selected works by major contemporary poets, novelists and/or playwrights.

    EL 512 The English Novel and its Poetics (Ingiliz Romani) (4+0+0) 4
    The central English tradition, with an examination of the novel with emphasis on problems of form, structure and genre theory.

    EL 579 Graduate Seminar (Lisansustu Seminer) (0+1+0) Non-credit
    The widening of students' perspectives and awareness through seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers and graduate students.

    EL 580-588, 590-599 Advanced Topics in English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Ingiliz Edebiyatinda Ileri Duzeyde Secme Konular)

    Advanced study in literary genres, movements, forms or authors. Topics vary from year to year.

    EL 589 Readings in English Literature (Ingiliz Edebiyatinda Okumalar) (1+0+0) 1
    Supervised reading in areas in areas of special interest to the student.

    EL 601 Beowulf (Beowulf) (4+0+0) 4
    Intensive study of the Old English epic, including questions of interpretation, prosody and oral presentation.

    EL 602 Chaucer (Chaucer) (4+0+0) 4
    A study of Chaucer's works including his French and Italian periods, and his later English phase. The critical problems implicit in his works are to be given special emphasis.

    EL 603 Allegory and Romance (Alegori ve Romans) (4+0+0) 4
    A study of complaints, dream-visions and romances of the medieval period. Works to be discussed include "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", "Piers the Ploman", "Mort D' Arthur" and "The Pearl", as well as Boethius' "Consolation" and "The Romance of the Rose".

    EL 611 Shakespeare's Tragedies (Shakespeare'in Tragedyalari) (4+0+0) 4
    A study of the major plays, with emphasis on special problems related to interpretation.

    EL 612 Shakespeare's Comedies (Shakespeare'in Komedyalari) (4+0+0) 4
    A study of development, form and content in selected comedies, with emphasis on the ways dramatic conventions are employed.

    EL 613 Spenser (Spenser) (4+0+0) 4
    A study of the "Faerie Queen" in the context of classical and humanist thought and against a background of epic and romance.

    EL 614 Milton (Milton) (4+0+0) 4
    Close reading and critical study of "Paradise Lost", with attention to "Paradise Regained" and "Samson Agonistes".

    EL 621 Poetry from Donne to Marvell (Donne'dan Marvell'e Siir) (4+0+0) 4

    An examination of the major poets of the period, analyzing significant areas of style and content on the one hand and of intellectual and cultural traditions on the other.

    EL 622 Seventeenth Century Prose (Onyedinci Yuzyilda Duzyazi) (4+0+0) 4
    Classical traditions, beliefs, the new science and the literary imagination as reflected in the works of major prose writers including Bacon, Donne, Johnson, Bunyan and Dryden.

    EL 623 Augustan and Eighteenth Century Satire (4+0+0) 4
    (Onsekizinci Yuzyilda Hiciv)

    Tradition and innovation in formal and prose satire with readings in Dryden, Pope, Swift and Dr. Johnson. Satirical works by others including Gay and Burns will also be noticed.

    EL 624 Comedy from 1660 to 1800 (1660'dan 1800'e Komedya) (4+0+0) 4
    Selected major drama from the reopening of the theaters to the end of the 18th century; plays by Restoration dramatists (Wycherley, Etherege, Congreve and Farquhar), Sheridan and Goldsmith.

    EL 625 The Eighteenth Century Novel (Onsekizinci Yuzyil Romani) (4+0+0) 4
    The rise of the novel, followed by a discussion of complex interactions of the novel with other forms and with the social context. Readings include works by Richardson, Fielding, Sterne and others.

    EL 631 English Romanticism (Ingiliz Romantikleri) (4+0+0) 4
    A generic study of Wordsworth and Coleridge, concentrating upon the romantic view of poetry, criticism, nature and the self. The work of art in its relation to experience, sensation and personal history will be at the center of the intensive study of major poems.

    EL 632 The Victorians (Viktorya Doneminde Siir) (4+0+0) 4
    A study of the works by Tennyson, Browning and the pre-Raphaelites with special attention to the persistence and permutations of Romantic forms and motifs. Topics will include Victorian Medievalism and Hellenism, poetic texture and form, the relation between poetry and painting.

    EL 633 Victorian Prose (Viktorya Doneminde Duzyazi) (4+0+0) 4
    Readings in the representative essays and selected works of Carlyle, Arnold, Ruskin, Pater and Newman with emphasis on the relation of the writer to society, and the relationship between aesthetic values and beliefs.

    EL 634 The Victorian Novel (Viktorya Doneminde Roman) (4+0+0) 4

    Literary and social concerns in the novels of Thackeray, Dickens, Trollope, and George Eliot with attention to the central English tradition.

    EL 641 Joyce and the Modern English Novel (4+0+0) 4
    (Joyce ve Modern Ingiliz Romani)

    Intensive study of major works by Joyce, as well as by Woolf and D.H. Lawrence in the context of the intellectual and aesthetic trends of the early 20th century. The course will concentrate on stylistic and philosophical differences between the works to be discussed.

    EL 642 Yeats and Eliot (Yeats ve Eliot) (4+0+0) 4
    A course on modernism in poetry; stress will be put on the styles of metrical construction, poetic structure and philosophical understanding which produce the specific character of these poets respectively.

    EL 643 Fiction and Meta-Fiction (Kurgu ve Meta-Kurgu) (4+0+0) 4
    A course on postmodernist trends in the novel focusing on the consciousness of the fictional nature of fiction and of the literary nature of criticism. Selected readings will include Fowles, Barth, D.N. Thomas and others.

    EL 651 Contemporary Literary Theory: From New Criticism to Structuralism
    (Cagdas Yazin Kurami: Yeni Elestiriden Yapisalciliga Kadar) (4+0+0) 4

    A course on the role of criticism in 20th century intellectual history, and the theoretical analysis of its basic assumptions, with readings from I. A. Richards. T. S. Eliot, Frye, Jacobson and Culler.

    EL 652 Contemporary Literary Theory: From Structuralism to Post Structuralism
    (Cagdas Yazin Kurami: Yapisalcilik ve Yapisalcilik Otesi) (4+0+0) 4

    The problems of signification, subjectivity, meaning and communication will be discussed, with readings from Barthes, Iser, Holland, Fish and Derrida.

    EL 680-688, 691-699 Special Studies in English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Ingiliz Yazininda Ozel Konular)

    A group of courses designed for doctoral students, involving research and writing in a restricted field not covered in other courses or seminars.

    Doctoral Seminars:
    Tutorial courses in topics of special interest for the individual doctoral student, involving extensive research and written/oral reports closely supervised by the instructor.

    EL 670 Seminar in Medieval English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Ortacag Ingiliz Edebiyati Semineri)

    EL 671 Seminar in Elizabethan Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Elizabeth Donemi Semine

    EL 672 Seminar in 17th Century English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Onyedinci Yuzyil Ingiliz Edebiyati Semineri)

    EL 673 Seminar in 18th Century English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Onsekizinci Yuzyil Ingiliz Edebiyati Semineri)

    EL 674 Seminar in Romantic and Victorian Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Ondokuzuncu Yuzyil Ingiliz Edebiyati Semineri)

    EL 675 Seminar in Modern English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Modern Ingiliz Edebiyati Semineri)

    EL 676 Seminar in Post Modern English Literature (4+0+0) 4
    (Postmodern Ingiliz Edebiyati Semineri)

    EL 677 Seminar in Contemporary Literary Theory (4+0+0) 4
    (Cagdas Yazin Kurami Semineri)

    EL 689 Special Studies in English Literature (1+0+0) 1
    (Ingiliz Edebiyati Calismalari)

    Guided readings on topics related to the individual research interests of the student.

    EL 690 Research and Thesis (Arastirma ve Tez)
    The thesis is an essential requirement for the degree of Master of Arts in English Literature. Students are required to carry out careful research on an approved topic and to produce a substantial piece of scholarly writing under the supervision of their advisors. A comprehensive oral examination, which may also cover other areas in the graduate program not directly connected with the topic of research, will be part of the defense of the thesis.

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