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Doctorate of International Relations

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Hakkında yorumlar Doctorate of International Relations - Kurumda - Gölbaşı - Ankara

  • Program tanımları
    The doctoral program at Bilkent IR is a highly specialized program. Its purpose is to develop the skills of doctoral candidates in international political analysis and to increase their capacity to conduct research on theoretical issues, international security studies, strategic studies, comparative foreign policy, international political economy, regional integration, global environmental problems, international law, peacekeeping and conflict resolution as well as area studies such as the European Union, the Balkans, Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus. The program is reserved for a limited number of students who are qualified and committed to spend several years conducting intensive research. The program is particularly suitable for students who wish to pursue an academic career.

    Degree Requirements:

    Students accepted to this program must complete at least 26 credit hours of course work (students who have not taken IR 501 International Relations Theory and IR 519 Research Methods, required courses at the M.A. level, must also complete these two courses for graduation as well as 12 credits of language study, for a total of 38 required course credits). The course work requirement can be met by taking graduate level International Relations courses and, if necessary, courses from other departments approved by BIR. A cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 must be maintained for the totality of Ph.D. coursework. The doctoral program must be completed in at most 8 semesters.

    Fall Semester

    IR 501      International Relations Theory (if not taken previously)

    IR 621      Current Debates in International Relations Theory

    IR 699      Ph.D. Dissertation (no credit)

    Three of the following electives:

    IR 529      Arms Control and Disarmament

    IR 567      Contemporary Russia

    IR 578      History of the Cold War

    IR 617      Eurasian-Atlantic Security I

    IR 619      Strategic Studies

    IR 624      European Union Studies I
    IR 626      International Political Economy

    IR 629      Global Political Economy

    IR 631      Political Economy of Development

    IR 634     Peace Operations

    IR 638     Accession Process to the EU

    IR 649     The USSR and the Second World War

    IR 651     Russian Historiography

    IR 652    New World Orders 1945-2000

    Spring Semester

    IR 519     Research Methods (if not taken previously)

    IR 625     Advanced Diplomatic History

    IR 699     Ph.D. Dissertation  (no credit)

    Three of the following electives:

    IR 572     European Union Integration: EU and OECD Economies

    IR 573     Readings in Russian History, Civilization & Culture

    IR 598     Turkish Political Economy

    IR 616     Individual, National and Global Security

    IR 618     Eurasian-Atlantic Security II

    IR 628     European Union  Studies II

    IR 647     Nuclear Weapons and US Foreign Policy

    IR 654     Russia in the Age of Reform & Reaction (1855-1894): The Reigns of Alexander II and Alexander III

    IR 656     Russia, Turkey and the First World War

    IR 658     The World Transformed (1975-2001)

    IR 659    American Security Policy: Current Issues

    Language Requirement:

    Every Ph.D. candidate must demonstrate reading and writing proficiency in a language appropriate to the candidate's area of research, preferably before beginning to work on the dissertation.

    The language requirement  may be satisfied in two ways: 1) by obtaining an average grade of at least B (3.00) for 12 units of language course credits (These cannot be substituted for the minimum 26 credits required for the degree); or 2) by being a native speaker of the language which is appropriate to the candidate's area of research.

     Foreign language courses offered at Bilkent University :

    Arabic, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Russian.

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