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Master in Fashion Creative Direction

Sorularınız herhangi bir ücret alınmadan, doğrudan ilgili kuruma yönlendirilecektir IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Barcelona

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Hakkında yorumlar Master in Fashion Creative Direction - Kurumda - Barcelona - İspanya

  • Program tanımları

    Master in Fashion Creative Direction.

    Edition: 1st
    Language: English
    Schedule: Monday to Friday from 6.30pm to 10.40pm
    Credits: 60*


    Now that branding means so much more than just a logo, the role of creative directors is gaining ground. These professionals take care of steering a brand through the conceptual universe guided by its values, messages and personality. And just as branding encompasses everything a product cannot convey on its own, the concept of “fashion” covers more than just clothing. A brand’s history, values and creativity create a powerful identity that can appeal to emotions and create a sense of belonging.

    The Masters in Creative Fashion Direction draws on the intangible side of a product that is crucial for it to succeed: the emotional value of fashion brands. This involves exploring all the creative tools available to produce innovative solutions that define a fashion brand, make it desirable and engage its target audience through different channels (concept, communication campaigns, fashion shows, the digital environment, events…).


    – To conceptualise a brand and the values defining it.

    – To develop a brand universe in all its communicative aspects (visual identity, verbal identity, look & feel and content).

    – To identify and learn about trends in today’s social context. Aesthetic, artistic and cultural movements as well as technological innovations that can help students to design from the present and acquire competitive advantages in the short-, medium- and long-term future.

    – To create an offline and online brand community by understanding the influence and use of social media as a driving force behind the feeling of belonging to a group.

    – To acquire creative tools in order to confront a brief from beginning to final production.

    – To learn to work with and lead multidisciplinary teams.


    The Master in Fashion Creative Direction combines an introduction to the knowledge and tools of creativity, strategy and leadership with their application in projects.

    The course includes theoretical classes as well as case studies, masterclasses and workshops. It expounds on various topics, such as the creative process, sociocultural trends, branding, communication strategies, storytelling, the role of social media, creation of communities and leadership of creative teams.  It also provides various visits to studios and also local and international brands so that students can discover the most important realities in the sector. Other visits and activities are focused on broadening the cultural background that creative directors must have as a foundation for their creative proposals.

    The Master’s Final Project (MFP) consolidates and assimilate all the knowledge and tools acquired during the course.

    Student Profile.

    – Graduates in fashion design or designers who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge to create the conceptual universe of their brand.

    – Fashion industry professionals interested in broadening their horizons by embracing creative and leadership roles.

    – Professionals in the field of marketing, communication or advertising who want to specialise in the world of fashion.

    – Graduates or professionals from creative fields who can provide portfolio in this field and who are interested in a professional path as creative directors.

    Job Opportunities.

    By course’s end, and depending on the student’s profile and prior experience, some of his or her possible career opportunities are as follows:

    – Freelance or in-house editors and artistic directors in the media.

    – Advertising and PR agencies specialising in consumer fashion, luxury, technology and lifestyle brands.

    – Start-ups focused on the field of fashion.

    – Digital communication departments in fashion companies.

    Job Opportunities.

    Graduates will be qualified to join different kinds of projects in the urban context with tools that can help them to interpret from an overall perception of design. They will be able to face the challenges posed by current urban problems and citizen needs, expanding their knowledge to work with multidisciplinary teams and coordinating a design approach in urban projects.

    They will be able to work in public/private entities in some of the following areas/functions:

    – Lead urban regeneration processes
    – Urban design consultancy
    – Urban design process management
    – Conduct studies related to the urban environment
    – Prepare guidance and statements
    – Site and area design and/or mobility design
    – Facilitate collaborative processes for design in the urban environment
    – Visualise and communicate data in urban design processes

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