CSP in UX for Connected Car

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Hakkında yorumlar CSP in UX for Connected Car - Kurumda - Barcelona - İspanya

  • Program tanımları

    Edition: 1st
    Language: English
    Schedule: Monday and Wednesday + alternate Fridays, from 6.30 p.m. to 10.40 p.m.
    Credits: 15*


    The CSP in UX for Connected Car considers a scenario in which vehicle, city and user are naturally connected through new technologies. UX Design is approached as a way of providing solutions that can facilitate user-vehicle-environment interaction in order to unite digital, physical and services while always taking into account social and environmental factors. 

    Automotive design implies a holistic approach to user experience in which sociology, anthropology and even philosophy need to be considered in order to present innovative solutions.

    – To apply UX criteria over the course of an automotive design project.

    – To integrate UX into the development process of new products and services related to various technological application fields and, specifically, to the automotive and mobility field.

    – To apply specific tools to create prototypes and assess design proposals focused towards project analysis, conceptualisation and management.

    – To understand how the concepts of interaction design or interface design are related to user experience. 

    – To design with a critical capacity based on multidisciplinary research. 

    – To take into account the ethical, social, environmental and economic impact of proposals.


    The course is organized in related and confluent blocks in which the necessary contents are developed to achieve the objectives set. All this with the guiding thread of a final project elaborated throughout the entire course in order to explore and strengthen what has been studied in the blocks. Throughout the course, sessions are also held in visits, workshops, round tables or conference format.

    Given the features of UX, the course is initially aimed at and open to professionals from various disciplines: 

    – Designers and professionals interested in developing skills in the creation of UX and in the world of transport.

    – Professionals from the transport or automotive sector interested in expanding their knowledge of UX.

    After completing the course and depending on the initial profile, students can join teams developing products and services related to the connected car, as well as other initiatives linked to the study of users.

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