CSP in Transportation Interface Graphic Design

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Hakkında yorumlar CSP in Transportation Interface Graphic Design - Kurumda - Barcelona - İspanya

  • Program tanımları
    CSP in Transportation Interface Graphic Design.

    Edition: 1st
    Language: English
    Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday + alternate Fridays, from 6.30 p.m. to 10.40 p.m.
    Credits: 15*


    Set against an increasingly hyperconnected backdrop, the CSP in Transportation Interface Design is aimed at professionals interested in the technical and human aspects of interfaces, experience and user applications for the interiors of means of transport.

    The programme uses the design process to work towards the creation of interfaces that are suitable for heuristic evaluations (usability evaluation method) and to address the need for system-application-device to improve the quality of life for users. These interfaces must also be aesthetically pleasing and functional, in addition to ensuring the protection of the personal or private information of users and/or customers.


    – To understand the context of integrating graphics into today’s types of vehicles and those of the future, including progress towards autonomous driving and car-user interaction.

    – To integrate harmoniously both the physical surface of the display and all aspects related to its graphics and functionality into the concept associated with the vehicle.

    – To optimise content structure in favour of the usability and safety that the display must offer both to automotive sector manufacturers and vehicle users.

    – To design a physical, virtual environment that interrelates with users to facilitate reading, navigation and interaction with the vehicle in a reliable, intuitive, accessible, ergonomic and sensorially enjoyable manner. 

    – To design the graphical interface by maintaining both the conceptual and stylistic values associated with the brand and also the parameters of functionality and visual efficiency for a better user experience.

    – To incorporate concepts related to hyperconnection and the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) into the interaction of graphical surfaces.

    – To analyse the parameters of use efficiency and customer experience by means of heuristic evaluations in order to predict possible problems and/or potential errors of the interface.


    IED Master school provides continuing training, qualifications, specialisations and the chance to keep up-to-date with all aspects of design, backed by the rich historic and cultural heritage of Italian design.

    Our strategy for the future is always in tune with social, environmental and financial macrotrends, and we keep a watchful eye on the changes that our cities and surroundings will need to adapt to over the coming 30 years. We believe that we can provide answers and solutions through design.

    Our teaching here at IED Master is based on the four scenarios we consider crucial to face the needs of the future: design for sustainable development, design for new business models, design for new media and design for people.

    Our goal is to train professionals who are capable of harnessing cultural values and design tools to not only overcome the challenges of the future, but create and drive innovation. We want our students to take responsibility for their training path and learn how to steer it with the support and tutoring of experts and professionals.

    At IED Master, we see the School as a laboratory where students can be innovative, enterprising and a driving force; where they are free to experiment and create. 


    Professionals working in the field of visual communication wanting to specialise in the digital interface found inside a vehicle.

    Students must have a knowledge of layout, retouching and vector graphics creation programs.


    After completing the course and depending on the initial profile, students can join automotive design teams developing interface design projects.

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