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M.S. Program in Operational Research

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Hakkında yorumlar M.S. Program in Operational Research - Kurumda - Çankaya - Ankara

  • Program tanımları
    M.S. Program in Operational Research

    The purpose of the Operational Research (OR) programs is to train OR scientists skilled in the theory and practice of solving problems arising in the context of functional systems, i.e., in systems designed, constructed and operated for the purpose of fulfilling human needs and objectives. Hence, OR scientists are expected to develop models and techniques for deriving optimal solutions and to take part in solving practical problems of designing and operating systems. They are expected to contribute to planning and decision making in such institutions as planning agencies, public enterprises, military and other governmental organizations, and private industry.

    The programs are interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together faculty members of diverse backgrounds. Students and faculty members are encouraged to take part in applied research on practical problems as well as in theoretical research.

    Required Courses:
    OR 501 Linear Optimization* (3-0)3
    OR 518 Stochastic Processes in Decision Models** (3-0)3
    OR 590 Graduate Seminar*** (0-2) NC
    OR 500 MS Thesis NC

    Elective Courses:

    Five courses, at most two of which can be IE 4xx elective courses 

    Minimum total credit hours: 21

    Minimum number of courses with credit: 7
    * or IE 553 Linear Optimization (3-0)3
    ** or  IE 561 Stochastic Models (3-0)3 or IE 562 Stochastic Processes in Decision Models I (3-0)3

    *** or IE 590 Graduate Seminar (0-2) NC

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