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Ihracat Platformu (Export Platform) is a consulting firm, established to provide high quality and reliable consulting service to companies that want to procure from, or sell to, Turkey.

Our company examines your inquiry with its experienced professional staff and offers you the best solution. Our basic aim is to establish long term relationships based on mutual benefit and trust.

İhracat Platformu was established to meet the growing local demand from private enterprise for support services in areas of business planning and development, marketing and other business management functions.   İhracat Platformu  now works with private enterprises, government agencies and NGOs to improve Turkish business competitiveness through recommending and supporting implementation of organisational restructuring and change, supporting establishment of SMEs and encouraging new approaches to regional development based on SME support and growth.  Its team of specialist consultants includes experts in the areas of entrepreneurship, business plan development, investment and finance, international marketing and foreign trade, competition analysis and efficiency and quality.  İhracat Platformu  ’s comprehensive list of services to SMEs includes:
  • Business  Development/ Project Development/ Modelling - consultancy services for developing of existing businesses and identifying new investment areas and opportunities to SME and other private sector clients;
  • Financing Projects - support services for obtaining financing, including creating alternative finance opportunities with low cost, negotiations with financing institutions, and application completion;
  • General management consultancy;
  • Entrepreneurship Consultancy/ Business Start up;
  • Brand Development and Introduction – supporting SMEs with development of brands in international and national markets to increase potential markets and to raising value-added values of products;
  • Foreign Trade - consultancy services to diminish risks involved in foreign trade, for example, transportation and rate of exchange, establishing models and plans for formation of  foreign trade, establishing foreign trade departments within businesses, and training;
  • Research and Development Consultancy – assisting clients with application for funding in areas of research and development;
  • Business Plan Consultancy – involving consideration of business vision, mission, focussed strategy and organization plans;
  • Marketing Research - services comprise developing market estimates, confirming target market and fields, researching market sectors and marketing plan development; 
  • Human Resources and Training;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Budget Formation;
  • Business Plan;
  • Restructuring and Management of Crisis;
  • Developing Bank Relations.

İhracat Platformu  has an impressive track record of local private business clients, and has worked on major internationally funded projects, with leading international consultants  and on other donor funded SME development projects.

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