Innovation is Leading the New Economy.

Barcelona Technology School is a leading education project that empower 
the next professionals that will transform the digital industry.


  • The digital transformation is changing all the aspects of the human society,
  • And it has just one limit, the imagination.
  • The digital ecosystem has become the new status quo, it is changing entire
  • industries and business, relationships and any other aspect of our lifes.
  • We believe in a better future with digital shape. But, in order to ensure it,
  • we need talent ready to drive the digital transformation.


Provide to the tech ecosystem the professionals that the digital industry needs.

- International talent development excellence – 

Barcelona Technology School ensures to all the participants a professional experience after the Master .

Get ready for a big digital career. You’ll develop your talent with the most demanded knowledge and technologies.
Shape the digital future.

The digital ecosystem has become the new Status Quo; it is changing entire industries, business and all aspects of the human society. 

Barcelona Technology School (BTS) believes in a digital future, that’s why its international programs had being created to prepare talent ready to drive this digital transformation. It is an International experience for graduates that want to get ahead in their careers obtaining highly demanded knowledge and digital skills. 

Barcelona Technology School has developed its own practical, active and participatory methodology focused on “learning by doing”, you will create and develop your own digital projects and creative solutions. 

On the other hand, Barcelona Technology School offers you the possibility to move forward in your digital careers, giving you access to paid internships and job offers during and after the program, thanks to the companies that are part of BTS Ecosystem. 

Barcelona Technology School program geçmişi:

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