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Bachelor in International Aviation Management

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IUBH University of Applied Sciences

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Bachelor in International Aviation Management - Kurumda - Bad Honnef - Almanya

  • Program tanımları
    Bachelor in International Aviation Management.

    • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    • Semester: 7 semesters
    • ECTS: 210 ECTS
    • Course language: English
    • Study type: full-time, on campus
    • Intake: Spring & Autumn
    • Campus: Bad Honnef


    Aviation management – more than just flying!

    Bring customers and cargo to their destination – in the shortest, safest and most convenient way.

    In your bachelor degree programme in Aviation Management you learn about the special characteristics of the aviation industry’s global networks, managerial challenges and mechanisms and acquire business management skills. You get an excellent and academically sound education and thus lay the foundation for your international career in the aviation business.

    Facts & Figures:
                Aviation Management / Int. Aviation Management

    Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) / Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    Duration: 6 semesters / 7 semesters
    Credits: 180 ECTS / 210 ECTS
    Language: English / English
    Type of study: full-time / full-time
    Internship: 1 semester in Germany or abroad / 1 semester in Germany or abroad
    Study abroad: 1 semester (optional, performance-related) / 1 semester at one of our partner universities
    Campus: Bad Honnef / Bad Honnef
    Intake: Spring & Autumn / Spring & Autumn

    Why should I study Aviation Management at IUBH?

        International campus with students and professors from more than 85 nations
        Theory & practice
        Theory and practice closely linked through case studies, projects, certificates and internships
        Lectures in English and intensive exchanges with professors and fellow students
        Top-class network of industry contacts for internships and careers at home and abroad
        Small groups
        Instruction in small groups given by lecturers with track records of practical experience
        Training as an expert with the main focus on relevant areas, with a range of choices
        Unique study programme with a high rate of recognition in the industry
        Pilot licence
        Obtain a commercial pilot's licence with our Flying Bachelor course

    Set your personal focus

    During your studies, you can chose one of the following specialisations:

    •     Airline Marketing
    •     Airport Marketing
    •     Airport Sales & E-Commerce
    •     Safety Management

    What are the professional prospects as an Aviation Manager?

    After you have graduated, you have the choice: for example between a position with a low-cost airline or with a traditional airline, nationally as well as internationally.
    However, airports, handling agencies or maintenance companies are also attractive employers for you.

    Int. Aviation Management:

    1st Semester

    •     Financial Accounting
    •     Airline Business Models
    •     Introduction to Aviation Management
    •     Marketing
    •     Human Resources
    •     Aviation Economics & Policy
    •     Statistics
    •     Computer Analysis
    •     Service Operations and Organization

    2nd Semester

    •     Mathematics
    •     Management and Cost Accounting
    •     Research and Academic Writing
    •     International Aviation Policy and Institutions
    •     Airport Management
    •     Ground Services
    •     Air Cargo Management
    •     Aviation Intelligence
    •     Aviation Project I

    3rd Semester

    •     Financial Management
    •     Business Communication
    •     Microeconomics
    •     Macroeconomics
    •     Airline Management
    •     Air Navigation Services
    •     Logistics for Integrators
    •     Aviation Project II

    4th Semester

    • Internship in Germany or Abroad

    5th Semester

    •     German Law
    •     International Law
    •     Advanced Research and Academic Writing
    •     Yield Management
    •     Network Management
    •     Capacity & Slot Management
    •     Aviation and the Environment

        Specialisations (excerpt):
    •     Airline Marketing
    •     Airport Marketing
    •     Airport Sales & E-Commerce
    •     Safety Management
    •     Current Issues in Aviation

    6th Semester

    •     Controlling Airlines & Airports
    •     Financial Management Airlines
    •     Financial Management Airports
    •     Aviation Project III
    •     Airline Management Simulation Game
    •     Aviation Law

    Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium

    7th Semester

    • 1 Semester Abroad at one of our Partner Universities

    The curriculum covers four core elements:

        Economics courses
    •     Mathematics
    •     Microeconomics and macroeconomics
    •     Statistics
    •     Integrated service management
    •     Accounting

        Industry-specific courses
    •     Management of airlines and airports
    •     Air traffic control
    •     Slot management at airports
    •     Network management of airlines
    •     Yield management
    •     Air freight management
    •     Airline and airport financing
    •     Aviation legislation
    •     Marketing and distribution in the air traffic sector

        Additional qualifications
    •     Business communication
    •     English
    •     Computer applications

    •     Airline Marketing
    •     Airport Marketing
    •     Airport Sales & E-Commerce
    •     Safety Management

    The courses are held in lecture and seminar format. There are about 30 students per class – this encourages dialogue between professors and students.

    Semester abroad

    Whether as an airport consultant for worldwide start-up projects, or as a strategic account manager for a logistics company – without good English and the relevant specialist knowledge, you will not be successful in the aviation sector. The International Aviation Management study programme gives you the ideal foundation for your international career, in seven semesters:

    • You will spend your 7th semester abroad at an international partner university of IUBH
    • Whether in Germany or abroad, you will be able to improve your language skills significantly during your study programme, and thus collect additional ECTS credits

    Practical semester

    Thanks to the internship integrated by the IUBH in your studies, you have the opportunity of trying out your academic knowledge outside the classroom.
    You will also get to know the industry and its various specialisations – the perfect basis for your career choice.

    •     You can spend your internship in Germany or abroad
    •     The internship lasts a whole semester
    •     Forge your first contacts in industry
    •     Include the internship as an important element in your CV
    •     Make the most of the opportunity of being taken on after graduation by a company from our industry network

    Extra Curriculum

    Another opportunity to gain practical experience: Extra Curriculum is an optional component of the study programme, and is offered during the first semester.

    The programme contains the following:

    •     Workshops and conferences on and off campus on a variety of topics
    •     Guest lectures by experts from industry and from the aviation sector
    •     Excursions to industry-specific companies, for example destination agencies
    •     or airports
    •     Students are awarded a certificate for regular attendance – for their CVs

    Extra Curriculum gives you additional orientation and insight into the structures of the industry from the very first semester. This is your opportunity to get to know the various forms of business organisation – and thus perhaps also your own future area of specialisation – at first hand.


    Your career prospects in Aviation Management

    There is international demand for our graduates in the field of Aviation Management. They can decide between airlines, airports, national and international associations, companies in the supply and logistics industries and management consultancies.
    Typical employers of an Aviation Manager are:

    •     Airlines
    •     Logistics and transport enterprises
    •     Supplier and service provider
    •     Business consulting
    •     Airports
    •     Catering

    For example Network Manager in an airline: You draw up and optimise the flight plan of an airline, thus offering customers an optimum network and the airline the best possible utilisation of flights.

    For example Yield Manager: You look after the optimisation of earnings per passenger. To do this, you adjust ticket prices to the current demand, thus creating an optimum combination of utilisation and return on capital.

    Our annual recruiting fair "Career Days" on the university campus offers you a good start to your professional career.

    Special Courses:

    Flying Bachelor — Study 'n' Fly

    At IUBH you have the opportunity to pursue two career goals at the same time: parallel to the Aviation Management study programme, you can also attend the ATPL training course, that is, the Airline Transport Pilot License.

        The facts
    •     Qualification 1: Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Management
    •     Qualification 2: ATPL Airline Transport Pilot License
    •     Standard duration of the Bachelor study programme: 6 or 7 semesters
    •     ATPL training runs parallel to this, but may take longer than the study programme
    •     Unique training profile for entering the aviation business
    •     Cooperation with Air Alliance Flight Center GmbH allows a close and effective link between the two programmes
    •     Theoretical ATPL training on campus, by distance learning course
    •     Practical ATPL training at Siegerland Airport or Bonn-Hangelar Airfield – by experienced flying instructors on technically state-of-the-art planes and the FNPT flight simulator

        Admission requirements (ATPL)
    •     Medical proof of fitness to fly (Class 1 for commercial pilots, "Medical 1")
    •     Sufficient knowledge of English, mathematics and physics, or university entrance qualification
    •     Police certificate of good conduct
    •     Performance capacity and motivation to allow the Bachelor study programme (e.g. 6 semesters, 1 practical semester, 20 to 25 hours per week per semester) and the ATPL training (CAT distance learning course + 85 hours of theory instruction and 200h flying practice)

        Training fees for the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
    •     The additional training fees for ATPL training with Air Alliance amount to about €59,500.
    •     If you have previous knowledge, for example a private pilot's licence (PPL) or instrument rating (IR), this amount may be reduced.


    During the optional semester abroad tuition fees are paid to the IUBH – plus any differences in amount resulting from the tuition fees of our partner universities. This is dependent on the respective university and may vary.

    The managers of tomorrow

    Practical, international orientation and study content tailored to the industries in question – our graduates are in demand among companies in Germany and abroad:

    •     about 87% of our graduates begin their careers within three months of graduation
    •     after two years on the job, 80% of them have already obtained a management position
    •     our graduates also report an average annual rise in salary of 10%, so that after five years they earn about 50% more than when they started out in their careers

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