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Actuarial M.S. Program

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Hakkında yorumlar Actuarial M.S. Program - Kurumda - Çankaya - Ankara

  • Giriş gereklilikleri
    Admission of Requirements University graduates of any discipline who are willing to acquire expertise in Actuarial Sciences are natural candidates for the program Admission procedure will be implemented according to the Rules and Regulations concerning Graduate Studies of Middle East Technical University. The selection will be done by considering the success of the student in the field she/he has graduated, the result of the ALES examination (Graduate Education Examination), English Proficiency and the results of written examination and/or interview to be given by the Institute of Applied Mathematics. A letter explaining the goals of the candidate and at least three recommendation letters are also required for the admission.
  • Program tanımları
    Actuarial Sciences Program
    Actuarial science is a discipline, which employs mathematics and statistics in modelling of the financial impacts of risk and uncertainty in various sectors and in designing solutions for risk management. In Turkey, there is a high demand to produce knowledge for actuarial analysis and to have well-educated actuaries to deal with modelling real life data problem of actuarial sciences.

    Objectives of the Program
    The objectives of this program are
    • To educate our graduates so that they can make significant contributions to the financial security of individuals through the ability to identify, quantify, assess and manage risk uncertainty,
    • To provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for comprehending and applying actuarial techniques,
    • To produce theoretically sound and practical research, which contributes to the advancement of actuarial science and practice,
    • To conduct research in practical applications of actuarial, insurance, risk management and risk analysis.
    Organization of the Program
    The Actuarial Sciences Program offers two options:
    • Master of Science Degrees (thesis and non-thesis options).
    M.Sc. Thesis option consists of seven courses, a seminar course and a Master's Thesis. M.Sc. Non-Thesis option consists of ten courses, a seminar course and a Term Project. Among these ten courses, seven of them are must courses and three of them are electives.

    Core Courses for Actuarial Sciences Program
    1. IAM 521 Financial Management (3-0)3
    2. IAM 530 Elements of Probability and Statistics (3-0)3
    3. IAM 546 Actuarial Risk Theory (3-0)3
    4. IAM 548 Stochastic Processes for Insurance and Finance (3-0)3
    5. IAM 582 Life Insurance Mathematics (3-0)3
    6. IAM 583 Pension Fund Modeling (3-0)3
    7. IAM 584 Advanced Actuarial Mathematics (3-0)3
    8. IAM 589 Term Project (3-0)3
    9. IAM 590 Graduate Seminar (0-2)NC
    10. IAM 500 M.S. Thesis (Non-credit)
    Elective Courses for Actuarial Sciences Program
    • M.Sc Non-thesis option student should choose at least two courses from the following:
    1. IAM 547 Risk Management and Insurance (3-0) 3
    2. IAM 552 Credibility Theory (3-0) 3
    3. IAM 555 Statistical Decision Theory (3-0) 3
    4. IAM 558 Reinsurance Theory (3-0) 3
    • M.Sc Non-thesis option student should choose one course from the following as well as choosing two course from Part A to complete the 3 elective courses requirement of the program they are enrolled:
    1. IAM 520 Financial Derivatives (3-0) 3
    2. IAM 522 Stochastic Calculus for Finance (3–0) 3
    3. IAM 524 Financial Economics (3–0) 3
    4. IAM 526 Time Series Applied to Finance (3–0) 3
    5. IAM 541 Probability Theory (3–0) 3
    6. IAM 554 Interest Rate Models (3–0) 3
    7. IAM 556 Simulation (3–0) 3
    8. IAM 557 Statistical Learning and Simulation (3–0) 3
    9. IAM 585 Decision-Making under Uncertainty (3–0) 3
    10. BA 5514 Risk Management (3-0)3
    11. BA 5814 Investment Management (3–0) 3
    12. BA 5818 Analysis of Financial Statements (3–0) 3
    13. ECON 507 Econometric Methods I (3-0) 3
    14. ECON 508 Econometric Methods II (3-0) 3
    15. ECON 510 Turkish Economy (3-0) 3
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    M.Sc. Program-Thesis Option
    • 7 core courses
    • 1 seminar course(non-credit)
    • M.Sc. Thesis(non-credit)
    Total : 21 credits

    M.Sc. Program-Non-Thesis Option
    • 7 core courses
    • 3 elective courses
    • 1 seminar course(non-credit)
    • Term Project(non-credit)
    Total : 30 credits

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