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Bachelor of Business Administration with Major a in Entrepreneurship

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Geneva Business School

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Bachelor of Business Administration with Major a in Entrepreneurship - Barcelona - İspanya

  • Program tanımları
    Bachelor of Business Administration with Major a in Entrepreneurship . 

    The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a Major in Entrepreneurship is designed to prepare you for the constant challenges of the startup sector and teach you all of the methods and skills that are necessary to succeed in this highly competitive area, with the ultimate goal of becoming a global success story. 

    •     Gain knowledge of the global startup industry.
    •     Acquire expertise in the legalities of business startups.
    •     Obtain management, organizational, and strategic planning skills for the launch of new projects and business start-ups.

    Facts : 

    •     Duration: 3 years
    •     Credits: 180 ECTS
    •     Language: English
    •     Intakes: February and September
    •     Degree Awarded: Bachelor in Business Administration with a Major in Entrepreneurship.
    •     Transfer Opportunities: We offer our students the option to transfer for a semester between our Barcelona and Madrid campuses.
    •     Internships: We provide the access to internship opportunities in international companies and organizations.
    •     Locations: Barcelona Campus and Madrid Campus

    Program : 

    The program requires the successful completion of 180 credits (which represent, 1800 contact hours plus a total of 3600 study hours). The program consists of 4 groups of courses common for all Bachelor’s, from which students may select the desired subjects to study: General Education (45 ECTS), Core Courses (72 ECTS), Elective Courses (15 ECTS), the Orientation Courses (36 ECTS) and the Bachelor Thesis (12 ECTS), which are mandatory to complete the selected major. Beyond the principal Business modules offered within each major, an example of some of the Orientation Subjects can be found below:

    • Analysis of Niche Market Opportunities
    • Business Idea Business Model Business Plan
    • Opportunities for Regional and Social Entrepreneurship
    • Social Innovation
    • Family Business Planning
    • Reasons for Big Entrepreneurial Success 
    • Social Networking for Entrepreneurs
    • Family Business Management
    • Entrepreneurial Operations
    • Leadership Development and Entrepreneurial Applications
    • Financial Management for Small/Medium Companies
    • Current Challenges in Innovation Programs

    Bachelor Fees for 2019. Barcelona / Madrid Campus

    Application Fee = €150 (Non-refundable, paid upon application)
    Administration Fee = € 1,900 (one time fee)
    Tuition per semester = € 5,730 (Total 3 year program / 6 semesters)
    Optional University of Northampton top up degree = £ 5,446.60

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